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    Experience the Racing Line in a V8 Mustang

    If you are a car person and always have been, you will know the name Mustang, which is synonymous with Ford’s powerhouse V8 engine, delivering all the horses to the wheels. Imagine climbing into the latest model Ford Mustang and we’re not talking about showrooms, this experience has to be on a top race track!

    The history of the car

    The Mustang is a family of cars from the US manufacturer Ford; Mustangs of some sort have been continually produced since 1964, which is a reflection of its global popularity among muscle cars. If the truth be told, less than 2 in 100 drivers have had the pleasure to drive a Mustang and in this fast-changing power switch to EV, you might never get an opportunity to drive a race-tuned Mustang on a premium track. The 1965 Mustang became a best-seller and they reached the magic 1 million units in just a few years. In 1968 model introduced the 4.9l V8 engine, which was state of the art for the time.

    Rear wheel drive

    The Mustang has always favoured the rear drive chain, which creates a nice traction slide; most racing drivers prefer rear-wheel drive because of the predictable handling; why not treat yourself to the thrilling experience of driving a Mustang on a track? There are online platforms and whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you can book your track time on the website and find out about the car.

    Gen 3 Mustangs

    The latest version of the famed V8 Mustang GT is a car like no other; 460 horses at 7,00 rpm from the slick 5l V8 power unit; 6-speed manual is standard on this beast (could it be any other way?) This is a thoroughbred that loves nothing more than eating up the road; all you need to experience the Mustang drive is a regular driving licence; there are several cars that are maintained by a team and a drive is subject to availability; you can check date availability on the site and find out more about the experience. Click here for BMW M5 latest generation and specs.

    Perfect gift

    If your partner has an image of a Mustang in his office, why not arrange for him to do a few laps in a race-tuned Mustang GT? It would be an experience he would never forget; a memory to cherish every time he sees the poster.

    Fastrack Mustang V8 race experience

    This is the package to go for if you want to sample the raw horsepower this next gen supercar has under the hood; fully race ready with some tuition from a pro driver, you can do 4 laps of the track, the first would be a sighting lap to learn the racing line, then you are given the green light to open her up and by the time you start the 3rd lap, you are in race mode going at some pace!Of course, safety is paramount and you are fully briefed ahead of time; it is worth noting that your drive experience is weather-dependent, obviously, you want dry racing conditions when you redline a Mustang (only joking).


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