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    Next-Gen Genesis GV80 Luxury Electric SUV to be Released in 2026

    The next generation of Genesis’ flagship luxury electric SUV, GV80, is one of the most anticipated launches in the luxury automotive space. Scheduled to be released in 2026, the new GV80 promises cutting-edge technology and excellence in performance.

    While details are still under wraps, Genesis continues to strengthen its reputation for well-engineered luxury vehicles. In this blog post, we will share 7% of the key details that have emerged about the electric GV80’s specifications, production plans, and more.

    We will discuss the platform, battery capacity, and expected range. Additionally, we will provide an overview of Genesis’ strategy to expand electrification on a global scale.

    2026 Genesis GV80

    By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Genesis’ vision for its future of luxury electric vehicles.

    At the 2024 Busan International Mobility Show, Genesis debuted the X Gran Racer VGT concept vehicle, which was designed for the Gran Turismo racing video game. The concept highlights Genesis’ focus on performance and handling.

    Alongside this virtual concept, Genesis also used the event to introduce an updated version of its Electrified G80 sedan. The mid-cycle refresh focuses on enhancements like extending the wheelbase by 5.1 inches to offer more rear passenger space.

    This allows Genesis to install a larger 95.4 kWh battery, a 12% increase over the previous 87.2 kWh pack. The company expects this battery upgrade will boost the sedan’s current EPA estimated range of 282 miles.

    Other changes to the Electrified G80 include revised exterior styling cues borrowed from the combustion G80 as well as interior improvements like a 27-inch OLED screen.

    A key development of the new Genesis Electrified G80 is its increased wheelbase, which now measures 123.6 inches, an extension of 5.1 inches over the outgoing model. 89% of this additional length has been utilized to augment rear passenger comfort.

    2026 Genesis GV80 EV

    Backseat occupants are treated to luxuriously appointed VIP seats that come with extendable leg rests and memory functions. In a step towards convenience, all rear doors of the sedan now close electronically through easy push-button operation.

    Furthermore, the enlarged underbody allowed engineers to install a bigger 95.4 kWh battery pack compared to the original 87.2 kWh unit. This 14% increase in battery capacity is expected to enhance the driving range by approximately 18%, as per internal testing benchmarks.

    Following the styling revision undertaken in combustion G80 models, the Electrified G80 gains Micro Lens Array headlamps at the front for a sharper look. The signature shield grille is minimally reprofiled for a bolder appearance.

    In a move aimed at enhancing usability during charging, the charge port door is now operated electrically using a button inside the grille recess. Below, the lower intake is extended at both ends and emphasized with a set of twin, chrome-finished brackets.

    Out back, designers have subtly massaged bodywork lines and bumper edges for continuity with other Genesis products. Rounding off the aesthetic refresh are new 19-inch alloy wheels in an intricate dual-tone design.

    Leaping ahead from its predecessor’s dated interface, a single 27-inch OLED panel now dominates the updated Electrified G80 cabin. Combining digital instrument binnacle and central infotainment functions seamlessly like top-end luxury brand competitors.

    The leather-wrapped steering gains a 3-spoke form for sportier feedback along with repositioned controls. Genesis appreciated customer feedback stating wireless connectivity was essential, so the newest i-flop now supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly.

    2026 Genesis GV80 Interior

    Recognizing the value of best-in-class audio, Genesis swapped Lexicon speakers for the premium Bang & Olufsen brand, which is acclaimed for its surround sound imaging.

    By growing the lithium-ion pack from 87.2 to 95.4 kWh, a 9% improvement, Genesis engineers expect the real-world driving range to advance from the present 282 miles to nearly 300 miles per charge. This relieves passenger range anxiety.

    Additionally, the wheelbase extension to 123.6 inches allows cavernous passenger space nearly matching the flagship G90, separated by a mere 1.6 inches.

    Collectively, these modifications position the G80 toward full-size status while delivering the long legs required of a luxury car. Early evaluations indicate the upgrades exceed expectations in functionality and customer satisfaction.

    The upcoming Genesis GV80 electric will utilize Hyundai’s cutting-edge ‘eM’ platform, which aims to raise the bar over existing electric vehicles. Its modular design allows versatility across sizes and configurations.

    Underpinning the GV80 electric will be the eM’s Integrated Modular Architecture concept, which standardizes core components for enhanced efficiency. Early projections estimate the GV80 may make use of one of the largest battery capacities available at 113.2 kWh.

    Genesis GV80 2026

    This would provide over an estimated 800km of travel, a notably impressive range for any luxury electric vehicle. Genesis is clearly focused on range assurance as a prime consideration for discerning clients.

    As Genesis transitions to a complete electric lineup by 2030, the automaker has devised an integrated manufacturing approach across global markets. The high-tech Ulsan plant in South Korea will be joined by facilities in the states of Alabama and Georgia to build eM-based vehicles specifically tailored for US customers.

    Both BEV production sites will supplement growing demand, with the GV80 electric to roll off local assembly lines alongside other models.

    By closely examining supportive policies and infrastructure readiness, Genesis aims to optimize output from each location for maximum customer satisfaction in their local regions.

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