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    Lotus Emeya Becomes the Fastest Charging EV On the Market

    Lotus is, of course, an iconic brand that has been producing lightweight, high-performance sports cars for more than 70 years. It is a top-model Emeya hypercar that is being introduced to the electric vehicle market by the company with their experience.

    Expected to be priced from just over $90,000, the Emeya is due on sale globally later this year. Emeya is hoping to convince new customers to move into the electric high-performance niche where it says it will offer faster charging times than its faster charge rivals.

    Lotus Emeya Becomes the Fastest Charging EV On the Market

    In this particular test, Emeya achieved a charging time of over 40% less compared to other top-selling EVs. The Emeya was “simply unbeaten in real-world use for a production EV,” according to independent consulting firm P3, which put the car through its paces and attested that it charged from 10-80% battery in an astonishing 14 minutes, breaking records.

    Lotus Emeya’s Record-breaking Charging Speeds and Independent Validation

    P3 Group’s conclusive testing proved the Lotus Emeya holds the title as the fastest charging electric vehicle currently available to customers. Hooked up to to a 400kW DC fast charger, the Emeya raised its battery from 10% to 80% in an unprecedented 14 minutes.

    During charging, the Emeya hit an impressive peak power rate of over 402kW, which is 30% higher than competitors tested. With its advanced battery technology engineering, the Emeya maintained an average power uptake of 331kW. At the 25% mark, its thermal management system ensured temperature spikes didn’t slow the charging rate.

    The Emeya soundly defeated 9 rival EVs in P3’s thorough examination, including the Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, and Tesla Model Y. Only the Xpeng G9 came close to the Emeya’s peak 402kW power level at around 320kW. However, its average was under 230kW from 10% to 80%, which is over 100kW lower than the Emeya.

    Emeya World's Fastest Charging Car

    Through its cell-to-pack design allowing for 20% more battery cells, customers can enjoy up to 310km or 193 miles of extra driving range in just 10 minutes of fast charging. Lotus hopes these industry-leading refueling times will encourage more consumers to switch to electric vehicles.

    Emeya’s Impressive Power, Speed, and Range Specifications

    The Emeya lives up to its hypercar credentials with fierce performance numbers to match its record-setting fast charging. The twin-motor all-wheel drive model produces a massive 905 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque, rocketing it from 0-60 mph in a neck-snapping 2.8 seconds.

    This makes it faster than all but the most elite of supercars. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. To achieve these stats while still offering driving range peace of mind, the Emeya uses an optimized 102 kWh battery estimated at over 300 miles of range per full charge. Unique to the Emeya is its dual clutch rear differential that further enhances dynamic handling at high speeds.

    ModelLotus Emeya
    TypeElectric Sedan
    Charging SpeedFastest-charging production EV
    Charging Time (10-80%)14 minutes
    Peak Charging Power402 kW
    Average Charging Power331 kW
    Battery Capacity102 kWh
    Performance0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds
    Top Speed159 mph (256 km/h)
    Range (WLTP Cycle)379 miles (610 km)
    Motor Power905 hp
    Electrical System800-volt architecture
    Battery DesignCell-to-pack, allowing 20% more cells
    Home Charging SolutionsMobilize Power Solutions for home charger installation and support
    Additional FeaturesAir suspension, two-speed gearbox for rear motor, active aero (adaptive air dam, grille, rear wing)

    Emeya’s Comparison with Other Top Evs and Missing Rivals

    The P3 Group testing included 9 top-selling EVs currently available in Asia for head-to-head comparisons of fast charging capabilities against the Emeya.

    Models put to the test were:

    • Mercedes EQS
    • BMW i7
    • Tesla Model Y
    • Genesis Electrified G80
    • Xpeng G9
    • Kia EV9
    • Hyundai Ioniq 6
    • Nio ET5
    • BYD Atto 3

    However, there were some notable absences from this competitive evaluation, namely the Porsche Taycan which is viewed as one of the Emeya’s primary rivals. The Taycan boasts a maximum charging power of 320kW according to its spec sheet, but independent data on its real-world performance was missing without a P3 Group test. Another competitor not benchmarked was the Lucid Air, with its storied 1,111 horsepower Lucid Air Grand Touring model able to charge up at 300kW.

    Advanced Battery Technology and Cooling System for High Performance

    Lotus credits the Emeya’s record-shattering charging speeds to its use of advanced cell-to-pack battery technology and a newly designed thermal management system.

    Emeya 10 to 80 Percent in 14 Minutes

    By directly placing individual lithium-ion cells into the battery pack versus using separate modules, Lotus packs in 20% more energy capacity while keeping overall pack dimensions the same as competitors. This cell-to-pack design also improves heat transfer throughout recharging.

    Complementing this is a re-engineered active cooling method that circulates both air and liquid coolant around the high-density cell arrangement. This ensures optimal battery operating temperatures even when charging at rates above 400kW.

    This allows customers to experience the Emeya’s hypercar performance without any range or charging speed limitations.

    Fast Charging Infrastructure and Global Availability Plans

    With the Emeya boasting the ability to charge quicker than any other electric vehicle, Lotus is rolling out their own high-powered charging network to take full advantage.

    The automaker has installed over 50 of their own 450kW ultra-fast chargers in China already. These powerful stalls are capable of adding around 100km of driving range to the Emeya in only 5 minutes of charging.

    Through partnerships with other charging providers, Lotus owners will also gain access to over 700,000 public charging points across Europe starting next year.

    Emeya Fastest Charging EV

    Lotus is targeting initial global Emeya deliveries in the key markets of China, UK, and Germany in late 2024 or early 2025 once sufficient rapid charging options are confirmed.

    Lotus’ Partnership and Future Development in Charging Technology

    To maintain their leadership position in fast charging technology, Lotus has formed an advanced research collaboration with major battery manufacturer CATL.

    This partnership plans to develop the next generation of high-capacity solid-state batteries optimized for charging at rates up to 1MW by 2027. At that incredible power level, it would only take a 5-minute charge to drive nearly 400km.

    Lotus is also a founding member of a new industry consortium focused on standardizing ultra-fast charging hardware and communication protocols globally. This works aims to support widespread commercialization of high-power charging infrastructure to enable future autos with charging speeds never before seen.

    Production and Pricing Details for Global Markets

    Lotus states production of the Emeya hypercar will begin in late 2023 at a new £350 million factory in Wuhan, China. Initial volumes are slated for 3,000 units annually to meet high pre-order demand. With its exotic performance and groundbreaking charging ability, the Emeya will carry a premium price in key markets.

    Lotus Emeya Becomes the Fastest Charging EV

    Pricing has been set starting from ¥2.88 million after subsidies in China, around £140,000 in the UK and €160,000 in Germany. The Emeya’s combination of technology, range, performance and status as the fastest charging production car make it worth these high-end costs according to Lotus.

    Final Words

    In conclusion, through advanced battery engineering and strategic partnerships, Lotus is leading the industry in charging speeds for electric vehicles and planning even more incredible gains in the future.

    The Emeya hypercar demonstrated charging capabilities that could transform electric car adoption by easing customer anxiety over range. Stay tuned to Auto Freak for more updates on the latest developments and testing of the record-shattering Lotus Emeya electric hypercar.

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