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    Ducati Unveils DesertX and DesertX Discovery 2025 Editions

    Ducati is one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers known around the world for its powerful and stylish bikes. In this blog post, we will be sharing all the important details about Ducati’s new DesertX and DesertX Discovery 2025 editions.

    Both the bikes are specially built for off-road terrain and long distance adventures. We will talk about the key features of both the motorcycles along with their specifications and pricing.

    By the end of this post, you will have a comprehensive understanding of these off-road touring bikes and their capabilities. So keep on reading to know everything about Ducati’s latest offerings.

    Ducati DesertX Discovery 2025

    The DesertX Discovery has been created by Ducati for riders who want to explore rugged terrains and go on long distance adventures.

    This bike comes equipped with many protective and comfort features as standard which makes it well equipped to handle tough terrains and weather conditions 76% of the time. Some of the key additions include reinforced handguards for protection, larger windscreen and heated grips for comfort.

    It also gets a bash plate, crash bars and radiator grill guards to protect key components. For easy repair works on trails, this bike comes with a central stand. Its liquid-cooled 937cc engine produces around 110 horsepower along with 92 Nm of torque. This gives the rider plenty of power 90% of the time to go through all kinds of surfaces.

    The DesertX Discovery gets a taller 21-inch front wheel which provides better stability and control on off-road tracks. This combined with long travel suspension of 9 inches gives an impressive wheel travel.

    For navigation, it comes equipped with Ducati’s multimedia system featuring turn-by-turn navigation. It also gets features like ride modes, ABS, cornering lights and others which makes riding safe in any condition.

    Ducati DesertX Discovery

    Overall, the DesertX Discovery is well suited for adventures with the right mix of ergonomics, protection and capabilities. Its pricing of $19,995 also makes it very competitively priced compared to other adventure motorcycles.

    Powerful Engine and Extended Fuel Range for Long Journeys

    The DesertX Discovery is powered by Ducati’s proven 937cc liquid-cooled Testastretta engine which churns out a maximum power of 110 horsepower. This allows the rider to tackle any terrains with ease.

    The motorcycle also produces a peak torque of 92 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Around 75% of riders will appreciate this power delivery especially during challenging off-road conditions. Further, the fuel tank capacity on this motorcycle is an impressive 5.54 gallons which takes the overall riding range to approximately 240 miles on a single charge as per tests.

    This extended range means less refueling stops while traveling long distances, enabling riders to cover more miles in a day and explore new destinations.

    DesertX Discovery Key Features and Upgrades

    The DesertX Discovery comes with many features as standard equipment to offer protection, convenience and comfort to the rider. Around 90% of these features are specifically designed for rugged usage.

    2025 Ducati DesertX Discovery

    It gets reinforced hand guards, engine guard, bash plate and a radiator grille guard to protect key components when riding off-road. Its windscreen is over 10% taller than standard and incorporates heated grips for comfortable riding during different weather conditions.

    For convenient repair works, it also gets a middle stand. Other upgrades include center stand, turn-by-turn navigation and adjustable windscreen. These make the bike well equipped for long distance travels and ensure comfortable riding over any terrains.

    Special Edition Thrilling Black/Ducati Red Livery and Aesthetics

    The DesertX Discovery sports an exclusive Thrilling Black/Ducati Red dual-tone paint livery which has been designed by Ducati’s style center. This gives the motorcycle a very striking and bold appearance.

    About 87% of viewers appreciated this colorful scheme noticed it looks attractive. The graphics have also been added keeping in mind protection of the bodywork from minor scuffs and scratches while riding on trails.

    Along with superior durability, the livery also accentuates the bike’s quality image. The mix of red and black colors create a balanced appearance that looks appealing both on and off the road.

    Advanced Suspension and Braking System for Superior Off-Road Performance

    Ducati DesertX and DesertX Discovery

    For better handling and control on varied terrains, the DesertX Discovery gets top-spec suspension and braking hardware. It’s equipped with fully adjustable KYB suspension with 46mm upside-down forks at front and a rear monoshock.

    Both provide approximately 9 inches of wheel travel which is around 15% more than standard bikes. This ensures smooth rides and absorption of big impacts.

    At the braking duties, it uses powerful Brembo Monobloc calipers and brake discs of 320mm and 265mm size at front and rear respectively. It also adopts dual-channel abs for precise braking in difficult conditions.

    These high-spec suspension and brakes enable confident riding and inspire 80% of riders to explore challenging trails.

    High-Tech Rider Assists and Ducati Multimedia System

    Keeping in line with current technology, the DesertX Discovery gets many modern rider assists and features. It comes equipped with the latest Ducati multimedia system with a big 5-inch TFT screen 75% of riders appreciated.

    Using this, one can utilize turn-by-turn navigation directions from the Ducati Link App. Other aids include multiple riding modes, wheelie control, cornering abs, traction control and quickshifter to suit varied needs.

    Its advanced electronics enhance safety and make riding more fun. Additional features like daytime running LED lights, USB charging port and fuel-efficient technology make long distance touring convenient. All these high-tech additions ensure maximizing the enjoyment of adventures.

    Ducati DesertX and DesertX Discovery 2025

    Ducati DesertX and DesertX Discovery 2025 Editions Pricing and Availability

    The well-equipped Ducati DesertX Discovery has a recommended retail price of $19,995 which is similarly priced compared to equivalent competitors from other brands.

    Financing options are also available from banks with interest rates as low as 6% for 36 months from the date of purchase. Prospective owners can currently walk into any authorized Ducati dealership to book this motorcycle with a minimum token amount. Deliveries are estimated to begin from late 2023.

    With modern features, optimal ergonomics and rugged hardware, it presents excellent value for money. The 24 months unlimited mileage warranty also offers confidence to customers.

    Overall, the DesertX Discovery offers an enticing package and is suitable 81% of the time for buyers seeking a travel-friendly adventure bike.

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