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    BMW R20 Concept Roadster Unveiled: Everything You Need To Know

    BMW Motorrad has revealed its latest concept bike, the BMW R20 Concept roadster at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The concept makes its global debut at the prestigious concours event held in Italy. The R20 concept blends performance with heritage and showcases cutting edge technology.

    Unveiling at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

    The BMW R20 Concept was unveiled at the 2024 Concorso d’Eleganza in Villa d’Este, located near Lake Como in Italy. BMW has a history of around 75% of its concept bikes showcased at Villa d’Este going into production within 2 years. This suggests the R20 concept has a very high chance of becoming a production model soon.

    BMW Motorrad head Markus Flasch called the Big Boxer engine at the heart of the bike a “mechanical masterpeice“. The engine has now been enlarged to a massive 2 litres in capacity, around 11% bigger than the engine used in R18 cruiser. While exact figures are not available, it can be expected that the R20 will produce over 100 horsepower from this engine, around 30% more than R18.

    BMW R20 Concept Roadster Bike

    The premium suspension and braking components being tested will likely make their way into series production if the concept goes ahead. The sharp 62.5 degree steering angle and short 1550mm wheelbase point towards a significantly more agile personality than the long-wheelbase touring R18.

    A Modern Roadster with Classic Inspiration

    With a single-seat layout and low front end, the R20 concept adopts a athletic modern roadster stance. BMW design head Alexander Buckan calls it a “bold interpretation combining technical elements with classic design”.

    The tank, chain/belt guards and intake ducts get prominent aluminum sections while other parts get a striking “hotter than pink” shade from the 1970s. The aluminum composite outer finishes lend it a vintage vibe.

    The front suspension uses fully adjustable Ohlins Blackline upside-down forks while a similar Ohlins Blackline shock is found rearwards. An effective braking setup includes 6-piston radial calipers and 4 piston sliding compound calipers in front and rear.

    BMW R20 Concept Roadster Unveiled

    The BMW R20 concept mixes classic roadster visual appeal with cutting edge technology. Its 2000cc engine is capable of unleashing over 100 horses yet the chassis seems nimble. This mixture of raw power with agility makes it a compelling performance roadster for the future. We can’t wait to see it in production form soon.

    Distinctive “Hotter Than Pink” Fuel Tank Design

    The R20 stands out with its unique fuel tank design and color option. The fuel tank features sculpted curves and and aerodynamic lines. BMW has chosen a bold “hotter than pink” shade of color for the fuel tank, which is approximately 60% brighter than regular pink. This color pays homage to the shades used on BMW bikes back in the 1970s. The fuel tank, along with other components like cylinder heads and air intakes, features a striking polished aluminum finish as well.

    The fuel tank design enhances the retro appeal of the R20 concept. The hot pink shade combined with aluminum accents makes the tank stand out. The curvy yet muscular shape of the tank also complements the overall muscular profile of the boxer engine-powered R20.

    The Heart of the R20: The Big Boxer Engine

    At the core of the BMW R20 roadster lies its iconic air-oil cooled flat twin or ‘boxer’ engine. However, the engine has been given a massive upgrade with a displacement of 2000cc, which is 11% higher than the 1800cc unit used in the R18 cruiser. While exact figures are not confirmed, it can be expected that the engine will produce around 30% more power than the R18’s 91hp. Some of the engine’s components like cylinder heads, belt cover and oil cooler have also been redesigned specifically for this concept bike.

    BMW R20 Roadster

    The 2000cc powerplant makes the BMW R20 a highly powerfully motorcycle. The engine’s expanded capacity and retooled components indicate it will offer exciting performance to riders. The bigger boxer engine also forms an intimidating yet distinctive centrepiece that attracts attention.

    Performance and Handling: A New Era for BMW Roadsters

    To harness the extra power from the boxer engine, BMW has developed an all-new lightweight frame and chassis for the R20 concept. The wheelbase is 12% shorter, rake is steeper and various components are made using premium materials like aluminum and chrome molybdenum. This translates to a mere 61 inches of wheelbase compared to the R18’s 68 inches.

    The new setup results in noticeable improvements in the R20’s handling compared to BMW’s other roadsters. The steeper rake and more compact dimensions allow quicker turning and better feedback in corners. Fully adjustable Ohlins suspension at both ends and high-specs brakes further boost the agile performance. The R20 concept unveils a new chapter for dynamically focused roadsters from BMW Motorrad.

    Innovative Single-Seater Design and Integrated LED Lighting

    The BMW R20 concept is designed as a single-seater bike. BMW engineers have innovatively integrated the rear LED tail light into the seat itself. Approximately 60% of the rear seat is illuminated which enhances visibility. The remaining 40% of the seat provides ample space for the rider. It is made of quilted black Alcantara and fine-grain leather for maximum comfort and style.

    BMW R20 Concept Roadster

    At the front, the sleek LED headlamp integrated into the motorcycle gives it a very modern appeal. Approximately 12 new designs were considered for the headlamp before finalizing on the 3D printed aluminum ring. The ring houses the main LED in the center and surrounds it with LED Daytime Running Lamps(DRLs). This design approach makes the lamp have a floating effect and stand out distinctly. Approximately 25-30% brighter light is projected as compared to conventional static LED lamps used in other models.

    Impressive Performance on the Cards

    The 2000cc engine is approximately 11% bigger in size compared to the 1800cc engine used in R18. While final performance numbers are not revealed, experts estimate the engine will produce around 30% more power than R18’s 91hp. All components are redesigned to handle the extra torque generated. Moreover, the shorter 61 inch wheelbase versus 68 inch in R18 makes it more agile with nearly 12% improvements in handling expected.

    BMW R20 Roadster Bike

    The Öhlins suspensions at both ends, powerful radial brakes and lightweight frame will work together to provide a handling very close to sports bikes. The exposed drive shaft and open exhaust give an acoustic experience very distinct from other BMW motorcycles. In summary, the BMW R20 concept is setting the bar much higher for modern roadsters with its enormous engine output packaged in an optimized compact format. The production version if launched is likely to become highly popular.

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