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    The R18 Cruiser debuts at BMW

    The 1.802cc engine is the largest BMW Boxer engine to date, with 150Nm available at 2.000rpm or less.

    The production-spec R18 cruiser so announced by BMW Motorrad months after exhibiting the smashing R18 prototype at the 2019 EICMA. The prototype was without question one of the show’s best-looking bikes. And what’s great is that BMW hasn’t shifted anything from design to production phase in this process.

    Nonetheless, this is a sleek BMW cruiser means filled with all the bells and whistles you’d suspect. We do like how the bike manufacturer managed to combine modern-day technology in a beautiful theme that harks back to the ’30s BMW cruisers.

    Retro style crosses the goal

    The BMW R18 looks stunning and resembles the 1936 BMW R5 cruiser in several respects. Parked side by side, the circular LED headlamp, tear-drop-shaped fuel tank, and swooping rear fender demonstrate the design influence. The meticulous attention to detail is illustrated by period-correct features. Such as the uncovered drive shaft, front fork coverings and the rear mono-shock concealed within the frame architecture.

    The latest Boxer engine looks remarkably similar to the R5’s engine in terms of exterior design. For example, the engine cam concept covers take influence from the old model, and the fish-tail-style exhaust is the same case.

    That said, the need to adhere to stringent pollution requirements has resulted in a swollen-looking exhaust; and this is perhaps the only structural feature that is a little hard to digest. But get over that bit and there’s no doubt that nearly all of the cruiser motorcycle style boxes are ticked by the R18, save for the footpeg location.

    It’s difficult to accommodate forward-set footpegs. Considering the engine configuration, and that may be a drawback for those aiming for the traditional cruiser riding style role. That said, the swept-back handlebar of the R18. With a low seat height at 690 mm, will contribute to a relaxed riding position.


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