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    Hyundai INSTER Electric SUV is a New Sub-Compact EV You’ll Love

    The Hyundai INSTER is Hyundai’s latest EV offering in the compact SUV segment. While details about the car’s features and specifications have been revealed recently, we’ve put together all the key details about the INSTER in this one blog post.

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    Since the EV market is growing at a very rapid rate around the world, every manufacturer is trying to please car lovers with affordable yet powerful models, and Hyundai INSTER is no exception.

    Hyundai Inster EV

    From its design to interior space and versatility, read on to learn everything about Hyundai’s new small electric urban SUV.

    Hyundai INSTER vs Hyundai Casper: Unique Design Features

    The INSTER derives its design inspiration from the Hyundai Casper SUV sold in South Korea. However, there are some unique design differences as well. The INSTER gets closed black grilles up front compared to the mesh grilles on the Casper.

    It also has pixel-style lights both at the front and rear, which accentuate its high-tech look. The INSTER comes with features like LED projector headlamps and 17-inch alloy wheels that enhance its premium appeal.

    While both vehicles have a rugged and adventurous design language, the INSTER is 20% more muscular with thick body cladding and roof rails.

    This gives it more road presence than the Casper. The Hyundai INSTER will also be offered in six vibrant exterior colors, allowing buyers to reflect their personalities.

    INSTER’s Dimensions, Interior Space, and Versatility

    Even though the INSTER falls under the A-segment category, it is quite larger than other city cars. It has an overall length of 3825mm and a wheelbase of 2580mm, which is 5% more than the Citroen C3. This additional space has been used to improve interior room.

    Hyundai Inster SUV

    On the inside, the Hyundai INSTER feels very airy and spacious. It provides the driver and front passenger with ample head and legroom of 1028mm and 1050mm respectively.

    The rear seat can accommodate two average sized adults comfortably due to the generous head and legroom. Cargo capacity is also strong at 280 liters which is expandable to 351 liters by folding down the rear seats.

    With versatile seating configurations including a foldable front passenger seat, the INSTER offers a high degree of flexibility.

    Its sliding rear seats also allow customers to prioritize either space for passengers or cargo. This makes the Hyundai INSTER a truly practical compact utility vehicle.

    Powertrain Options, Battery Specifications, and Performance Metrics

    The Hyundai INSTER will be available with two different powertrain options. The standard variant featured a 71.1 kW electric motor paired with a 42 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

    While the long range trim receives an 84.5 kW motor and a larger 49 kWh battery. Both powertrains produce 147 Nm of torque. Hyundai claims the 49 kWh battery variant can deliver a projected driving range of up to 355 km on a single charge, which is nearly 32% more than standard one.

    The base INSTER variant is estimated to return around 300 km based on WLTP testing cycle. When it comes to performance, the long range model sprints from 0-100 kph in just 10.6 seconds whereas the standard takes about 1 whole second more at 11.7 seconds.

    Hyundai Inster EV SUV

    Top speed for long range is capped at 150 kph and 140 kph for standard Hyundai INSTER variant.

    Charging Capabilities, Fast Charging, and Vehicle-To-Load Functionality

    All INSTER models come equipped with a standard 11 kW onboard charger. Both battery packs can fully replenish from a zero state of charge within 4 to 4 hours and 35 minutes using a typical home wallbox charger.

    Using a DC fast charger with a minimum output of 120 kW, the Hyundai INSTER can charge from 10% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes for its 42 kWh and 49 kWh battery under ideal conditions. Its liquid-cooled charging port allows for simplified high power top ups on the go.

    Additionally, the INSTER supports bidirectional charging through its vehicle-to-load functionality. This feature allows users to utilize the SUV’s battery pack to power external 110V or 220V electrical devices, like electric bicycles or camping equipment during outdoorsy activities.

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) With Top-Notch Safety Features

    To ensure driver assistance and safety, Hyundai has equipped the INSTER with several Advanced Driver Assistance features. It comes with Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot View Monitor, Forward Collision Avoidance and more.

    Hyundai Inster Interior

    Some of the other notable ADAS includes adaptive cruise control, highway driving assist, auto emergency braking and navigation based intelligent speed alert system. Parking is made easier with features like rear cross traffic alert, surround view camera and parking collision avoidance system.

    With cutting edge driver aid technologies, Hyundai aims to deliver optimum safety and assistance for drivers in compact Hyundai INSTER EV. This makes it one of the most advanced vehicles in its segment for safety and convenience.

    Hyundai’s Global Rollout Plans for Future Hyundai INSTER CROSS Variant

    Hyundai will first launch the INSTER in the South Korean market this summer. Following its home debut, the model will be introduced in select European countries by early 2024.

    The brand also has plans to bring the Hyundai INSTER to other regions across Asia Pacific and Middle East regions by mid-2024 which will complete its global rollout. Along with regular INSTER, Hyundai will also introduce a more rugged and off-road oriented CROSS version by late 2024.

    The INSTER CROSS is expected to feature increased ground clearance, faux skid plates and roof rails for a bolder look. This will allow the model to appeal to buyers seeking an urban-friendly EV with occasional light trails ability.

    Hyundai INSTER Price Expectations and Market Position

    Going by Hyundai’s competitively priced EVs, the INSTER is expected to start between $21,000-$24,000 which will position it very attractively against rivals. This pricing would put it nearly 25-30% below comparably sized small EVs currently in Europe.

    Hyundai Inster Electric SUV

    Hyundai aims to make the INSTER the new electric vehicle of choice for city dwellers and first time EV buyers seeking affordability without compromising features.

    Its peppy performance and segment-topping range will allow it to compete strongly with vehicles like the Opel Mokka-e and Peugeot e-208 globally.

    Final Words

    The Hyundai INSTER is a compelling small electric SUV that can appeal greatly to urban audiences. Its unique exterior styling combined with ample cabin space, advanced tech and long driving range makes it a stand out option for metropolitan commuters.

    With competitive entry price and Hyundai’s proven quality/reliability, the INSTER has potential to become a popular choice and strong volume seller for the brand worldwide. Its launch over the next 12 months will be closely watched.

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