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    Jeep Avenger Achieves Milestone in Europe: Reaches 100000 Orders

    The Jeep Avenger SUV has achieved a major milestone in Europe by receiving 100,000 customer orders. The small yet feature-packed SUV was launched in late 2022 in the highly competitive B-SUV segment.

    Some key highlights about the Avenger include that 25% of total sales so far have been the electric variant showing strong customer preference for electric mobility.

    Jeep Avenger 100000 Orders

    The Avenger has seen rapid adoption among European customers with its stylish design, versatile interiors, and availability of multiple powertrain options.

    Jeep Avenger Debuts with Multiple Powertrain Options

    The Jeep Avenger made its debut with an all-electric powertrain, establishing itself as Jeep’s first zero-emission model in Europe. This was an important step affirming the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

    Subsequently, Jeep also launched the Avenger with a 1.2-litre gasoline engine generating 99hp and mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. This gave customers a relatively affordable option compared to the electric model.

    Recently, a hybrid variant named ‘e-Hybrid’ was added that uses a 1.2L gasoline engine along with an electric motor providing a combined output of 128hp. Around 60% of customers have opted for the non-electric variants showing many still need combustion-powered options.

    Jeep has now announced that orders for an all-wheel drive version called ‘4Xe’ will open in the fourth quarter of 2024. This model will feature a more powerful powertrain including two electric motors providing an enhanced driving experience.

    The multiple options allow Jeep to cater to different customer requirements while moving towards electrification.

    Jeep Avenger Price

    By the end of 2024, Jeep plans to introduce the Avenger 4Xe featuring an advanced hybrid system and dedicated all-wheel drive. This is expected to be the most capable as well as premium Avenger variant.

    The Jeep Avenger petrol 4Xe will pack a 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine generating 136hp, paired to two electric motors for a combined system output of 242hp and peak torque of 420Nm. This will allow the Avenger 4Xe to sprint from 0-100 kph in just 9.5 seconds.

    The sophisticated all-wheel drive function managed by the hybrid system will provide optimal traction in all weather and road conditions. Various drive modes will be offered for customers to adjust the driving dynamics according to their needs.

    The 4Xe will be targeted towards buyers seeking a small SUV with added abilities of Jeep’s capable off-roaders. Its availability is likely to boost Avenger sales even higher in Jeep’s continued success story in Europe’s B-SUV segment.

    Jeep Avenger Interior Features & Styling Highlight Modern Design

    The Jeep Avenger cuts a distinctive figure on the roads with its crisp exterior styling that carries expressive design elements inspired from the brand’s capable lineup.

    Measuring 4,084mm in length, the Avenger has a bold and athletic stance thanks to its muscular proportions and short overhangs. Customers can choose from six vibrant exterior shades that inject more character.

    Jeep Avenger Interior

    Inside the cabin, quality materials and clean layout welcome the driver. A 10-inch infotainment screen and fully digital instrument cluster present all necessary information in a clear manner.

    Storage spaces have been cleverly integrated throughout the interior for user conveninence. Detailed stitching and metal accents enhance the overall premiumness.

    The functional design maximizes space, with the electric versions providing extra storage options compared to combustion versions.

    Performance and Driving Dynamics of the Gasoline Engine

    The 1.2-liter gasoline engine powering Avenger models has a refined character compared to smaller city cars. It produces 99hp and peak torque of 205Nm, enabling a 0-100 kph time of 10.6 seconds.

    While this may not be the quickest, real world performance is adequate for most daily driving situations. Where the engine truly excels is at maintaining strong push across a broad RPM range thanks to its turbocharging.

    The 6-speed manual transmission has short throws and precise gear engagement for an involving drive. Jeep’s suspension tuning balances handling with comfort over broken surfaces very well. The gasoline Avenger impresses with responsive handling and controlled body roll.

    Jeep Avenger 4XE

    However, fuel economy drops significantly during rapid accelerations due to the small 3-cylinder size. Overall, it performs as a practical everyday run about for European roads.

    Fuel Efficiency and Range Compared to Electric Models

    While the all-electric Avenger delivers zero-emissions driving, its battery-only range is rated at 400km which can prove limited for longer journeys.

    In comparison, the fuel-powered models offer a range of over 580km from a full tank of petrol, eliminating the anxiety of running out of charge. However, the trade-off is poorer efficiency – the 1.2L engine returns a claimed figure of 7.5-8 liters per 100km which is around 35% more than electric models rated at 17 kWh/100km.

    Real world fuel and Jeep Avenger mileage also tends to dip considerably with aggressive driving. Nevertheless, the combustion engine provides a practical solution for drivers with longer distance requirements or lack of convenient charging options.

    Overall, both powertrain types have their advantages for different use cases.

    Jeep Avenger Price and Available Equipment in Different Trims

    Jeep has priced the Avenger aggressively to make it accessible to a wide customer base. The entry Longitude trim with manual transmission kicks off at €24,267.

    Moving to the mid-range Altitude adds features like larger wheels, digital cockpit for an extra €2,000. Popular customer add-ons included in option packs are larger 18-inch alloy wheels and a sunroof. The range-topping petrol derivatives offer premium finishes and driver-assist techs.

    Jeep Avenger Mileage

    Pricing varies by market, but the e-Hybrid tag gets a €2,000 premium over petrol while the upcoming Jeep Avenger 4Xe is expected to command a €4,000 higher price due to its complex powertrain.

    Despite differences, even the base manual variant is well equipped with tech like a 10-inch touchscreen and safety aids delivering good value.

    Upcoming Hybrid and Awd Variants Enhance Versatility

    Jeep is paying close attention to evolving customer demands with new powertrain additions. The e-Hybrid variant introduced in 2023 paired a 1.2L gasoline engine with an electric motor for a combined 128hp.

    This allows trace amounts of electric-only running plus torque assist for swift acceleration. Going forward, the much-awaited Jeep Avenger 4Xe models due in late 2024 will feature Jeep’s advanced ‘Dual-Motor Hybrid’ technology.

    This couples the 1.2L turbo engine with two electric motors, one powering each axle for true off-road capable AWD performance. The system output of Jeep Avenger EV 242hp also supplies quick 0-100kph times of 9.5 seconds.

    With several selectable drive modes including a ‘Sport’ function, the 4Xe takes the Avenger experience a notch higher in ability and fun-to-drive character.

    Jeep Avenger vs Other Subcompact SUVs in the Market

    In the highly competitive B-segment SUV turf, the Avenger faces rivals like the Renault Captur, Nissan Juke, Opel/Vauxhall Mokka among others. It has an edge over the Captur thanks to higher ground clearance of 201mm and shorter overhangs for adventurous drives.

    Jeep Avenger Dimensions

    The Avenger also weighs around 50-100kgs lesser than the Nissan Juke making it relatively more fuel efficient. Its competitive starting price and European production is an advantage over pricier imports like the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-30 as well.

    Jeep has clearly paid attention to what its target customers want from a small SUV with plenty of premium features as standard plus upcoming hybrid/AWD additions setting it apart.

    Final Words

    With 100,000 orders already achieved, the Jeep Avenger is driving the brand’s sales forward in Europe’s busy B-SUV segment.

    Its tempting design and versatile functionality, along with a selection of efficient engines, ensure there is something for every lifestyle need. Jeep is also executing a clever strategy through regular innovations, keeping customers engaged with the Avenger.

    The 4Xe’s arrival with advanced electrified AWD functionality takes off-road prowess to a new level for this size class. Armed with competitive standard equipment and new variants elevating driving engagement, Avenger seems poised for long-term success as one of Europe’s best-selling urban utility vehicles.

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