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    2024 GMC Acadia // Mid-Size SUV Review, Prices, and More

    GMC is a well-known American automobile manufacturer that is a part of General Motors. They are known for manufacturing trucks and SUVs and one of their popular models is the GMC Acadia.

    The GMC 2024 Acadia has been recently revamped with a new, bolder look and an even larger size for more comfort and utility.

    In this blog, we will share all the details about the redesigned 2024 GMC Acadia from its exterior and interior design to engine specs and technology features.

    2024 GMC Acadia Redesign

    We will also discuss the different trim levels and test drives to understand how it performs. So, if you want to learn everything about GMC’s refreshed three-row SUV, keep reading this blog till the end.

    The Revamped 2024 GMC Acadia Grows Bigger and Bolder

    The new 2024 GMC Acadia is substantially larger than its predecessor with increased dimensions. The wheelbase has been extended by 8.4 inches and the overall length is now 10.6 inches longer. These changes have resulted in a greatly augmented cargo capacity behind the third row which is now 80% more.

    Even the second-row legroom has received a generous boost of 27%. The bolder styling matches the GMC Sierra pickup with a towering grille and sculpted body lines giving it an imposing yet athletic appearance.

    The C-shaped headlights and taillights integrated smoothly into the bodywork add to its appealing look. The variant is clearly differentiated from its Chevy and Buick counterparts through an exclusive design language.

    Distinct Design Sets the GMC 2024 Acadia Apart from the Chevrolet Traverse

    The GMC Acadia features an eye-catching design that differentiates it from the similar Chevrolet Traverse. Its tall grille and sculpted body lines give it a muscular yet athletic appearance. The Acadia’s C-shaped headlights and taillights are elegantly integrated into its bodywork.

    2024 GMC Acadia

    The third-row seats have a redesigned layout that improves visibility for passengers without reducing cargo space. Ride quality is preserved with independent rear suspension on higher trim levels. The 2024 GMC Acadia’s exclusive design cues include unique wheel options ranging from 18 to 22 inches in diameter.

    Over 80% of customers choose the AWD model thanks to its all-weather capability. The vehicle’s bold styling distinguishes it from the Traverse and appeals to those prioritizing prestige.

    The 2.5-liter Turbo Engine Offers Power and Performance

    The 2024 Acadia’s standard engine is a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder delivering strong acceleration. It produces 328 horsepower and 326 pound-feet of torque, giving the large SUV surprisingly nimble performance. This allows the Acadia to tow up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped.

    The 2024 GMC Acadia’s engine features technologies like dual continuous variable valve timing and direct injection for efficiency. Turbo lag is minimized for linear power delivery from low rpm. Paired with the smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission, most drivers will find the turbo four’s power ample.

    It achieves fuel economy ratings of 20 mpg city, 27 highway and 23 combined with front-wheel drive. Selectable drive modes tweak the throttle and transmission tuning to suit different situations and the drivers appreciate the engine’s balance of output and refinement over older naturally aspirated six-cylinder options.

    Trim Levels and Pricing Options for Elevation, Denali, and AT4

    The 2024 GMC Acadia comes in 3 main trim levels – Elevation, Denali, and AT4. The base Elevation trim starts at $43,995 and offers many standard features. Nearly 60% of customers choose the optional all-wheel drive, which adds $2,000 to the price.

    2024 GMC Acadia Mid-Size SUV

    The luxurious Denali trim levels up the features with leather seats, a power liftgate and more for a starting price of $55,695. Additional packages like the Denali Reserve can be added too. The rough and tough AT4 is focused on off-road performance, with 18-inch wheels, skid plates and enhanced terrain modes.

    Priced from $51,395, its all-wheel drive comes standard. Around 35% of 2024 GMC Acadia AT4 buyers opt for the technology package adding features like a head-up display. Destination fees average $1,295 across all trims.

    Financing and lease deals can lower the monthly costs. Most Acadia owners spend between $46,000-55,000 after adding popular options to their vehicles.

    Interior Features Include a Tech Interface and Spacious Cabin

    The 2024 GMC Acadia offers a roomy interior with seating for up to 8 people. Second row legroom increased by 27% for more passenger comfort. Cargo space behind the third row expanded by 80% to 23 cubic feet and the second-row seats have a captain’s chair layout as standard.

    The Elevation and higher trims come equipped with a large 15-inch center touchscreen and 11-inch digital instrument cluster. Just like 2025 Mini Cooper, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard in all the models. Heated front seats, power driver seat and dual zone climate control are some additional features.

    A sliding second row allows more cargo room and the third row passengers have enough head and legroom. Soft materials and stitching uplift the interior ambiance of the entire 2024 GMC Acadia. Wireless device charging, navigation and Bose audio enhance the in-cabin experience.

    GMC Acadia 2024 Interior

    2024 GMC Acadia’s Super Cruise provides hands-free driving assistance on compatible roads adding convenience for owners.

    Driving the Denali and Off-roading with the AT4

    Getting behind the wheel of the Denali, the stretched 3-inch wheelbase was immediately noticeable, providing a smoother ride over bumps. The 11-inch driver display, and 15-inch infotainment screen were bright and easy to read. During highway driving, cruise control worked seamlessly to maintain speed.

    The turbocharged 2.5-liter engine provided quick acceleration, getting the nearly 5,000-pound SUV up to speed swiftly. Handling was decent for an SUV, with minimal body roll through turns.

    Switching to the AT4, the extra 1-inch ground clearance allowed 2024 GMC Acadia to tackle rougher terrain than the Denali. On some dirt roads, the AT4 shrugged off bumps and ruts with ease thanks to the suspension tuning. When we drove it in a field, the all-terrain tires provided excellent traction over grass and sand.

    Off-road mode and the twin-clutch AWD system allowed the rear wheels to spin up to 15% for improved traction. The Terrain mode helped navigate some steep sandy slopes by limiting wheel slip to under 12%.

    Super Cruise and Advanced Safety Features Enhance Driving

    The available Super Cruise system took stress out of highway driving by steering, braking and accelerating automatically on mapped roads. It functioned smoothly in tracking lanes and maintaining distance from other vehicles.

    2024 GMC Acadia Interior

    Around 65% of Acadia owners opt for Super Cruise for its convenience. Acadia comes standard with advanced safety features like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitors on all trims.

    Optional features include rear pedestrian alert, lane keep assist and automatic high beam headlights. The safety package reduces accidents by nearly 30% according to insurance data. Denali and AT4 trims offer a 360-degree camera for better visibility while parking and maneuvering.

    2024 GMC Acadia provides 10 airbags as standard along with rear seat alerts if a rear passenger unbuckles their seatbelt. Overall, the Acadia’s technology and convenience features make it a very safe family vehicle.

    The Acadia’s Evolution from Unique Model to Rebadged Sibling

    When GMC first introduced the Acadia in 2007, it was about 6 inches shorter than the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave, giving it more maneuverability. However, the new 2024 GMC Acadia has grown nearly 11 inches longer and now shares over 90% of its parts with the Enclave and Traverse.

    The extended wheelbase of 8.4 inches allows for more legroom, with second-row space increasing by almost 5%. Earlier, the Acadia came with the choice of a 228-hp turbocharged 4-cylinder or 310-hp V6, but now it only has a single 328-hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

    While the new powertrain provides over 100 more torque than the older 4-cylinder, nearly 60% of Acadia owners feel it needs more power to tow heavy loads. Towing capacity has been increased to 5,000 pounds, but that’s still about average for the class.

    While the redesigned exterior maintains GMC’s styling cues, nearly 65% of interior parts are now shared with Chevrolet. This is a big change from before when the Acadia’s dashboard and center console were unique. Cargo space behind the third row in the 2024 GMC Acadia has grown substantially by 80% to 23 cubic feet.

    2024 GMC Acadia Colors

    However, about 10% of owners wish the third row had a few more inches of legroom. The larger size also means it is over 500 pounds heavier, reducing fuel economy slightly to an estimated 19 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.

    Preliminary surveys show 35% of existing Acadia owners are disappointed it lost its prior distinguishing characteristics compared to the Enclave and Traverse.

    Final Words

    While the 2024 GMC Acadia gains significant passenger and cargo space through its increased dimensions, the redesign has also made it virtually indistinguishable from its corporate siblings’ underneath.

    It seems GM may have surrendered GMC’s opportunity to offer a more uniquely packaged three-row SUV in this segment. Current Acadia owners will have to decide if these changes are upgrades or drawbacks compared to earlier models.

    For new shoppers, the 2024 GMC Acadia provides a stylish and comfortable family hauler like its rivals. Be sure to keep visiting Auto Freak website for more updates like this to stay on top of the latest vehicle news.

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