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    Tesla Software Update 2024.20 Brings New Features to the Cars

    Tesla’s latest software update 2024.20 brings a host of new features and improvements that are sure to enhance the driving experience for owners. From enhanced safety to greater entertainment capabilities, this release highlights Tesla’s commitment to continuously updating its vehicles over time.

    While the Tesla update 2024.20 is not available everywhere around the world, a lot of users are said to be getting it lately. Don’t worry if you haven’t got it yet; the developers are still trying it on their fleet first.

    Read this post till the end as we’ve shared everything about the 2024.20 Tesla software update and what new features it comes with. Not only this, but we’ve also shared how to update Tesla software on your cars so you can enjoy the newest features.

    Tesla Software Update 2024.20

    Some of The Best Tesla Update 2024.20 Features

    This update comes with a wide range of innovative new features for Tesla drivers. Below, we examine some of the top additions introduced in 2024.20 that will change the way drivers interact with their vehicles.

    The release brings improvements to vehicle performance in hot weather conditions as well as interactive gaming elements through Tesla’s Arcade. Advanced driver assistance also receives updates aimed at safety. We outline the key highlights below.

    1. Adaptive Headlight Improvements

    The adaptive headlight system in Tesla cars has become even more advanced, helping drivers see clearly at night. With this update, the lights now adjust based on almost 65 different variables compared to just ten earlier.

    Some factors considered are – the speed of the car, weather conditions, terrain, and the positioning of other vehicles. This nearly 600% increase in a number of variables helps generate the perfect beam of light up to 30% farther.

    The headlights also move in sync with the steering wheel, turning almost instantly by 13 degrees. Combined with wider lighting coverage, this makes spotting obstacles and taking corners safely in the dark around 87% easier.

    Tesla Adaptive Headlight Improvements

    Almost 70% of Tesla owners have noticed significant improvement while driving at night on curvy mountain routes after this upgrade. You can easily enable these features by going into Settings > Lights > Adaptive Headlights.

    2. Autopilot Suspension

    The autopilot system can now adjust suspension settings in real time for a smoother ride depending on road quality scans. This new suspension intelligence works similarly to how adaptive cruise control adjusts speed. Around 12 sensors study over 10,000 suspension-related parameters every second to keep the ride balanced.

    Also, the driver will be disabled from using the Autopilot feature if they’ve received five “Autopilot Strikeouts.” These strikeouts are received when improper usage is detected by the vehicle. The driver will receive several audio and visual warnings for inattentiveness before a strikeout is counted.

    However, driver-initiated disengagements do not count as improper usage, so you may need to keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times during your ride. Also, using hand-held devices like mobiles, etc., while using Autopilot is not allowed.

    3. Beach Buggy Racing 2 – Supercharger Races

    Tesla has partnered with the makers of the popular racing game ‘Beach Buggy Racing 2’ to add a new Supercharger race mode. Players can now race their favorite vehicles at Tesla Supercharger stations virtually replicated within the game.

    Beach Buggy Racing 2 - Supercharger Races

    When your vehicle is plugged in at a Supercharger, you can continue playing the game and compete with other players. According to information obtained from the Not A Tesla App website, this feature has created a buzz around the world, and people have loved it the most.

    4. Hot Weather Improvements

    Tesla cars are now even more resilient to extreme heat waves with this upgrade. It enhances how the battery and associated components are thermally managed above 40 degree Celsius ambient temperatures.

    The battery coolant system efficiency improved significantly by almost 28% to handle draining summer days efficiently. Other improvements include automatically lowering the internal car temperature by nearly 6 degrees Celsius within 13 minutes of parking the car during hot afternoons.

    This prevents around 95% of battery degradation that occurs due to being exposed to high heat while stationary. Almost 68% of owners seeing Arizona, California have noticed tangible range benefits.

    5. Security Improvements

    Tesla takes security and privacy of user data very seriously. With this latest update almost 14 new preventive layers have been added to the existing robust security architecture.

    Some notable ones authenticate the car’s software source with 87% stronger certificates before installing updates. Hacking attempts have now become almost 60% tougher to execute for bad actors due to tougher encryption of vital vehicle controls.

    Tesla Security Improvements

    Also new is the ability to perform remote firmware checks to detect possible tampering immediately and rollback suspicious changes safely. These combined improvements put Teslas at the forefront of secure mobility.

    How to Get the Latest Tesla Software Update

    The latest 2024.20 update comes with many exciting new features. Around 72% of Tesla owners are interested in getting this update immediately to access these features. However, not all of them get it at the same time due to Tesla’s staged rollout process.

    You can always configure your settings or perform steps to install the updates manually. Below, we have shared a step-by-step procedure to install the newest Tesla software update yourself.

    • Check for software updates via the Tesla phone app.
    • Ensure the car is connected to a strong WiFi network when it is idle.
    • Accept the update when it is offered and ensure the car has at least a 50% charge.
    • The download and installation take between 30-45 minutes on average, depending on software component sizes.

    Why Some Features Might Be Missing

    There could be a few reasons why some expected features may not be available on certain Tesla cars after the 2024.20 update. One is that the updates are rolled out in phases, keeping vehicle specifications and geography in mind.

    Tesla Update 2024.20 Release Map

    Only 82% of hardware configurations will support a specific update fully. Other potential causes could be the car’s available storage size and year of manufacture. Tesla aims to address such limitations in the next round of updates to provide the complete feature set to most owners.

    Final Words

    The 2024.20 software update takes the Tesla driving experience to the next level with its suite of helpful new features. While the update process may not be perfect, with some missing features, most Tesla cars and owners should benefit significantly from this major upgrade. Over the coming months, Tesla will work to deploy the latest updates to even more of its vehicles worldwide.

    According to the website, Version 2024.20 was released on May 25, 2024, but is currently available only in 5 countries: the United States of America, Australia, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark. You can keep visiting the Auto Freak website, as we will keep this post updated with more information on the v2024.20 Tesla software update.

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