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    Is Tesla Lying About Autopilot Claims, is Level 5 Autonomy Goal Too Far From Reach For Elon Musk?

    Tesla has been doubted with its autopilot feature fitted in the Tesla models. About a report by Automotive News Europe, Tesla’s German website states that its vehicles have full potential for autonomous driving. The US automaker even promoted its cars as being able to perform autonomous driving in cities by the end of 2019, but a legal framework for autonomous inner-city driving doesn’t even exist in Germ

    Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company is “very close” to achieving level 5 driving. I am incredibly confident that level 5 or complete autonomy will happen, and I think it will happen quickly. I remain incredibly optimistic that we will have the necessary functionality for Level 5 autonomy total this year,” he said in a video message at the opening of Shanghai’s annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

    Level 5 Autonomy requires human interaction, hence hardware like steering wheel, pedals are non-existing, and the vehicle with allow no human abruption. But will Tesla be able to reach these levels? There have been numerous reposts by top engineers all around the world, about Tesla lacking the AI tech to achieve complete autonomy.

    What’s our say???

    There was a time where the reusability of rockets like the Falcon X and cheap electric vehicles were debates done by college students, but Elon Musk made it real. The Tesla CEO doesn’t like hearing no as an answer. But it is hard to soon how soon Tesla will reach this milestone. The highest level of autonomy reached yet is by Tesla’s Autopilot driving capability and Cadillac’s SuperCruise feature.

    Rishabh Chugh
    Rishabh Chugh
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