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    Everything You Need To Know About The F1 2023 Season

    Formula One (F1) is poised for another season this 2023. The season will involve 24 races, twice the number of sprint races compared to last year. One notable addition you’ll see is the Grand Prix in Las Vegas, which was one of the venues for the F1 car season in the 1980s.

    Max Verstappen will also race the track again for the second consecutive year as the defending champion. As a member of his Red Bull team, he’ll have to face his rivals Mercedes and Ferrari teams again this coming season.

    If you want more details regarding the upcoming F1 2023 season, this article will tackle those.

    How To Buy F1 Tickets?

    Once you choose to attend the race in person, determining what and where to purchase Formula tickets this 2023 season is one of the crucial factors you must consider. Some race organizers manage ticket sales through an official channel, while others outsource sales to ticket agencies. Based on the destination, the level of customer service, the purchase process, and the details on available tickets can differ in efficiency.

    F1 2023 Calendar

    Based on a newly accepted schedule, this year’s F1 season will start earlier than the previous ones. The season will begin on 5th March in Bahrain, accompanied by a race in Saudi Arabia. More details on the season’s calendar, such as the dates and venues for other races, will yet to be told.

    The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which will happen at Spa-Francorchamps, has been rescheduled to occur before the summer break on 30th July. Likewise, the Dutch Grand Prix will take place in August. The Grand Prix in Las Vegas will start on 18th November, just before the final season in Abu Dhabi.

    F1 Sprints In Six Grands Prix

    If you want to know about the F1 sprint race, it’s one-third of Sunday’s Grand Prix length. This race also provides points for teams that become part of the top eight. The previous two seasons have organized three F1 sprint weekends each. Yet, this upcoming season will double the number of sprint races, with six Grands Prix positioned to take an F1 sprint.

    Sau Paulo and Austria will once again hold the 100-kilometer-long race. Likewise, Belgium, the USA (Austin, Texas), Azerbaijan, and Qatar will implement the same weekend format. Suppose it’s your first time watching F1 racing. In that case, organizers will reschedule the traditional qualifying session to Friday to provide time for a shortened F1 sprint race on Saturday.

    The F1 Teams

    Ferrari and Red Bull teams are set to compete for the world championships again. Still, will Mercedes go to fight as winners too, after the undeniable challenges faced last year?

    As the winner of the last eight constructors’ world titles and seven of the previous eight drivers’ titles, Mercedes has faced a difficult season filled with insufficient adjustment to new regulations and porpoising issues.

    The team of Aston Martin is also gaining the spotlight and is looked forward to this year’s season. This happens after the unexpected replacement of Sebastian Vettel by Fernando Alonso. Ultimately, will the teams such as McLaren, Aston Martin, and Alpine edge near as the new winners? And will Williams’s team be able to compete more effectively following their difficult race last year?

    Additionally, last year’s teams will be the same this 2023. Yet, Porsche will go on to find future possibilities despite their failed negotiations with Red Bull. Audi has been proven to participate in the 2026 season, while Andretti has shared their desire to join the F1 grid.

    F1 2023 Car Launch Dates

    The F1 season becomes more engaging every time the car teams showcase their liveries and who they will contest with. As new regulations reach one year, you should find more teams unveiling their actual cars on launch dates.

    Aston Martin is the first team to affirm their schedule for the F1 2023 car launching. If you want to know more details on the F1 car launches this year, here are those:

    • Haas: 31st January (Livery launch)
    • Red Bull: 3rd February
    • Williams: 6th February
    • Alfa Romeo: 7th February
    • Alpha Tauri: 11th February
    • Aston Martin: 13th February
    • McLaren: 13th February
    • Ferrari: 14th February
    • Mercedes: 15th February
    • Alpine: 16th February

    Consider these schedules if you want to know more about the upcoming F1 season.

    Wrapping Up

    This year’s F1 season will involve 24 races, with more numbers than last year. One significant addition to car races that you will see is the Grand Prix that will take place in Las Vegas.

    The season will begin much earlier than the previous season. And so, if you want to attend the F1 races in person, booking your tickets now is ideal. You can purchase tickets on the official channels of some race organizers or find ticket agencies online or in person. Ultimately, this upcoming season can be an exhilarating contest that fans will love.


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