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    What makes Red Bull Grid Slot Repair More Impressive Than Just The Looks?

    In this Hungarian Grand Prix, we saw Max Verstappen crash his car in the midway of the grid. And many of the observers may declare an end to his part in the race. But the changeover was from the mechanic from red Bull who took a few seconds to fix the car. And today, we shall look at how it was the best feat of the race. We can say that it was efforts from the red bulls mechanics who fixed the left front suspension of Max VerstappenĀ  ride in few seconds and was the one which got a standing ovation from the rival team mechanics.

    After hitting the tire wall, he, Max, was to go to the grid and not pit to make him go for the seventh position. And the total time of such a replacement would cost him 20 minutes. But the task was done in just 25 seconds, and thus, Max went on for the second position. He said later that the car felt just as new. His boss Christian Horner then mentions that if it were the steering or wheels, his game was long gone for good. But it was the efforts of the dripping sweat of the men with tools which are to thank.

    Also, there was a good trick, which made the work easier. The suspension of red Bull is exposed to some bit, not in case of other cars on the grid. Thus the work was impressively faster for them.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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