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    F1 Market: What is Alonso’s Return for Sebastian Vettel?


    This Monday, we got the final announcement of Fernando Alonso for 2021. And there we also saw Sebastian Vettel, like a mountain, breathing in fresh air after a match, clearing his head off the first race of the season in Austria.

    This German driver was outsmarted by his teammate completely in the match. Charles Leclerc, at the Red Bull Ring, totally dominated here. He saw his teammate struggle with the balance and spun back to the field. It was a tough time while he was trying an ambitious move to takeover Carlos Sainz at Turn 1.

    And now, there is more to ponder over for possibilities ahead. He now won’t go for a seat at Renault in 2021. Thus he shall consider other ones. Though, at present, he shall focus on getting back his form. He shall not wish to lose a chance and slip it away for next time. It may lead to an unexpected turn in his career.

    But, what goes among the fans are superb. There is an excellent talk of him going with the Mercedes. And this shall give a super team to Mercedes. It shall be good seeing Mercedes pitting up two best stacks up on the same side. Or, he may go for his old family Red Bul as well. But in this profession, they generally say no go back. So, it is the main focus still.

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