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    Racing Point claims Massively underrated Sergio Perez at peak of career

    This May is full of driver moves in Formula 1 from one to another team after Sebastian moving out of Ferrari. But we still don’t hear of one driver – Sergio Perez. According to Racing Point’s Technical Director Andrew Green, this Mexican driver is one of the best on the grid. He insists that he is very underrated though by the present fans and officials. Talking of the tally and achievements, Perez currently has 176 Grand Prix, with eight podiums with his name on them. He currently owns the biggest haul of midfield points, for the second half of 2019. According to green, this former driver from Sauber and McLaren racer is now with his top talents in the championship. For Green, his feedback in the races is always amazing, though he is massively underrated.

    Green states that for him, Perez’s mental capacity for driving a car and its state in the Sunday races around him is one of the best for him. Green went to applaud Perez by saying that his tire management is still in the top two or three members of the grid at present. He believes that there are not many people who can do better than him. But only a few which can match him on this. The most visible weakness is that his Sunday races are better but Saturday afternoons are not well for qualifying. He still has the best slip control over throttle coming out of corners.




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