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Ferrari sends Kimi Raikkonen his 2018 US Grand Prix winning SF71H

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Ferrari, the former employee of Kimi Raikkonen, gave a gift to him. The Ferrari has given the Ferrari SF71H, the car with which the driver won the US Grand Prix in 2018, for the team. This seems quite amazing, on time. Kimi won the race at the Circuit of the Americas. It was just few days after it came as an announcement that he will be replaced by Charles Leclerc. He saw Finn closely winning the battle with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes Lewis Hamilton. He kept winning since 2013 Australian Grand Prix, a win with Lotus, 2044 days before and 2007 champion seeing his return after five-season return for Ferrari, 2014 to 2018. This was marked by the outburst of Finn at the radio, at the end of the race.

There was a post on Instagram showing helping him unload the Ferrari SF71H from the delivery pick. After that, there was a post showing off this in his collection in his garage, which he is trying to keep fit in the Coronavirus time, which led to the delay of the 2020 season. you would like to get more of trending news, stay sharp with us. I hope you are doing well at this time, and still awaiting tracks to reopen for the visitors and spectators. We hope for a quick heal to this. Stay tuned.

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