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    UK government confirms quarantine exemptions for Formula 1 officials and personals.

    The Silverstone matchs up, and here we are. The UK government is ready to remove the quarantine exceptions from the person who shall be visiting Britain in reasoning of the Formula 1 races. The British Grand Prix is due in two weeks after the Hungarian Grand Prix. And, it shall be regarding a 14-day self-quarantine for people returning the UK amid travelling. This is the result of f1 officials able to satisfy the British government with the strict and stringent protocols they have put up for their personals. This is done to make the least possible impact on the public health and ensure maximum safety.

    There are regular checkups for F1 personal, especially the drivers. And they work in a bubbled environment so as to say. Also, Formula 1 is very grateful to the UK Government and Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden,  for their sensible judgment. They are always in favpur of them. Also, Formula 1 is a major contributor to the UK. And it provides 40,000 jobs linked to the motorsport industry and billions of pounds of revenue. Also, the UK government ensures the interest of fans is not hampered. They want them to enjoy the game with protected jobs and incomes flowing,

    Let us see and keep in touch for more updates and interesting news.

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    Furious Mad
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