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    Mercedes fire up W09 engine before the pre-season Silverstone test

    It is three months we heard the F1 engine roar. Its reviving sound. Today, Mercedes took the pain to give us the sound we were looking for for so long. They are ramping up their preparation, with their V6 engine for the F1 races are returning. The last time cars ran on tracks were at winter testing at Circuit de Barcelona- Catalunya in February.

    But after last week’s confirmation about the 2020 season under its way with the Austrian Grand Prix in early July, there is a new hustle. The factories are powering up . they are back to work after their extended winter break. Which was of course due to the coronavirus. And as they move forward towards preparing for the Red Bull Ring, Mercedes look forward to their two days private test. And before they go to the tracks, they set off, they fired up their engine which will be on the run on the British tracks.

    The new regulations prevent the teams from running their 2020 challenger cars, but not the older ones. And so, Mercedes is to run with its 2018 W09 car at Silverstone. They will have Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas getting each a day after, behind the wheels. The races next month will be under strict rules, and without their fans to cheer for them. There are strict prohibitions for safety. And so the silver arrows are rusting off their teams for these protocols. We also know of the Ferrari private tests to be run in the coming weeks. They will be having Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel to warm themselves for the races.



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