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Brawn supports Lewis Hamilton completely on issues of F1 trying to broaden diversity

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In recent times, we see Lewis Hamilton, the six-times world Champion, using social media platforms to speak out. He is trying to speak out about racism and diversity. And he is calling Formula 1 to take bold actions for it. Today, we hear from F1 motorsports boss Ross Brawn and he is in full support of it. He backs the comments from the Mercedes driver. He is the first driver- grids only black driver- first from Formula 1 to speak publicly on this matter. It followed after George Floyd’s death in the United States last month. Many of the rivals followed his path and step up. He is seen continuously using social media for this, posting on his channel. And every time he calls the government to take action on this matter.

Brawn spoke up that Lewis is an important ambassador of the event and his comments are valid. And he supports him. Brawn tells us that Formula 1 is trying from the grass-root level to increase diversity in the game. He is also working on the spectrum of roles involving F1. They are working on this internally for many years, and a few years back, they are on external forces as well to include diversity in their events.this is a necessary call in the games as well.


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