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Amazon to invest in autonmous vehicles startup called Zoox.

We always think of a future with flying cars or self-driving ones at least. And the technology is getting closer and closer to these...

Rolls Royce Present her Self-Driving Concept Car in a future version

Supercar Blondie Must See the Rolls Royce HQ to check out the Rolls Royce Vision 103EX concept car. The vehicle is of what their automobile...

US Government has Cleared the Way For a Silicon Valley Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles

Washington, DC (CNN)The national government has cleared the way for a Silicon Valley startup to deploy tens of thousands of its self-driving delivery vehicles...

Aurora to focus on Interiors for the Self driving Progress

Aurora to focus on Interiors for the Self-driving Progress. This is the realm of self-driving cars, or sooner, it is going to be. And we...