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    Tesla Accuses Rivian of Poaching, Trade Secrets as Well.

    Tesla files a lawsuit against RIvian Automotive Inc., on an alarming pattern of poaching its workers, and also accuses it of stealing trade secrets. According to Tesla, four of his men left the work with highly sensitive data. And then, joined hands with the rival, Rivian startup. The suspect of two more culprits still among them. According to the company, it shall be considered as a wrong behavior from a new employer to work way with the data.

    It just suggests ways to profit rivals and – what can be any other reason to justify?
    On the other hand, Rivian, which gets investment from Amazon. Com and Ford Motor Co. decline from any such allegations. They believe they are based on just a high-performance team, which are much motivated towards a common goal. They are also making sure that their new employers shall see to it that they don’t make use of any prior tech or knowledge from rival companies. They shall make the new employees confirm this as well.

    Rivian is now looking forward to battery-operated electric pickups like R1T pickup and R1SSUV. They are built for better performance and as a long-range vehicle. It is working on more than 1000 pickup trucks for Amazon as well.

    The case files are as Tesla Inc. v. Rivian Automotive Inc., 20CV368472, California Superior Court, Santa Clara County (San Jose). Keep up for more info with us.

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    Furious Mad
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