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    Tesla Model 3: a quick review

    Tesla welcomed its enthusiasts in the world of silent, effortless quick acceleration with a powerful segment of it’s EVs. Tesla’s Model 3Tesla Model 3 - Wikipedia is the cheapest grab you could snatch, but the vehicle is ahead of time. With quick responsive acceleration and an outstanding range of 322 miles for the Long Range, marks everything on the checklist. Model 3 swifts 0-60 km/hin brisk 3.5 seconds and is available at a price tag of just 36,200 dollars which is a steal for such features. And here we the latest Tesla Model 3 announcements.

    What to expect in 2020?

    With always leading in top-notch, in-cabin technology, it’s rare for Tesla to keep updating the already perfect technology that they sell. Model 3 2020 is expected to have lane keep assist and standard Auto-pilot capability to its long list.Model 3 | Tesla

    Power-Performance Delivery…

    The rear-wheel-drive Long-range model sprints 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds while the performance model launches to the same in just 3.5 seconds with is a huge gap. Following the tradition, Model 3 holds the battery pack under the floor. Results in a low center of gravity, giving it perfect steering and handling.

    Range and Battery-life

    With an estimated range of 250 miles for the Standard Model, the Long Range or Performance model has an increased range of 322 miles. For charging, Tesla offers several different options. Owing to its large network of fast-charging stations called ‘superchargers’, 240 and 120-volt outlets, and a home charging system.

    Comforting interiors and Technology

    Model 3 | Tesla

    Simple insides and centralized control by the monolithic touchscreen in the center of the dashboard is all in one access to everything. The interiors are spacious and airy. Navigation, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity are standard. Model 3 offers many more entertainment options on its center screen display that includes Netflix, Youtube, and a lot more.

    Safety is what Tesla is best at…

    With key features like- Standard Automated emergency braking; Standard lane departure warning, standard adaptive cruise control. Model 3 has got a perfect 5-star rating in its crash tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


    The Standard model starts at just 41,190 dollars. Long Range Battery model at 50,190 dollars and the Performance at 58,190 dollars. These price tags are quite impressive for a hi-tech car like Tesla.


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