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    Tesla Model 3 Specs, Price, Features, And Latest Updates You Need to Know !!!

    Tesla Model 3, is a compact four-door electric car manufacturers by Tesla, Inc. with built-in self-driving technology.

    It is famous as among a series of Tesla Models with four wheels driving (AWD) consists of Dual motors and five adult seating capacity.

    It comes with Variants in colour and electric Range with different distances, such as 354 km, 402 km and 518 km Many more.

    Tesla Model 3 became very popular and world’s top Selling an electric car in 2018,19 and also best-selling top-rated vehicles in the United States.

    It became an eye-catching electric car due to looks, design and excellent, powerful performance, which can easily win the hearts of anyone.

    Design and features of 2020 Tesla Model 3

    Tesla car manufacturers company is widely known in the world for innovative and creative.

    It’s one of the best-selling electric cars in worldwide trends.

    It covers 0-60 mph (96.56 km/h) in just 3.2 seconds only.

    But, the safety measures are the best electric car comes with the assured protection of the driver and passenger as well.

    Because it will design for rigid body structure with the impact protection, and also reduce to slight Rollover risk.

    It will be built for the safety of the driver and their passenger after many testing of a different part in different situations.

    Tesla Model 3 is suitable for all weather conditions because it consists of all wheels drive and many other features that make easier to drive.

    It’s features that became even more popular electric car among the other in the market. Such as 360 degrees of visibility with 160 meters forward-facing radar, and also consist of an ultrasonic radar system.

    And 15 inches (38.1 cm) touchscreen display.

    All glass roofs front to end that relies on not to sit in the car. And create a sense of sitting in below the open Sky.

    It is one of the best innovative ideas that apply in the car to enjoy a luxurious life and live life with happiness.


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