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    The 100 Season 7: Is Second Dawn’s Cadogan The Shepherd On Bardo?

    The 100 introduced a new enemy in its finale season, but this brand new civilization is still a big mystery to us. Who exactly are those”Disciples” and what do they need?

    Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her crew in the world Alpha finally came face to face with their brand new enemy, one of which called himself and his fellow soldiers,” the disciples of a greater truth.” That’s what Orlando (Darren Moore) predicted members of the culture during his five years using Echo (Tasya Teles), Gabriel (Chuku Modu), and Hope (Shelby Flannery) on Skyring/Penance.

    Concerning the Disciples’ culture and history, we have a lot of information During Orlando. These people today speak English and Orlando understood what a Navy Seal was having to be told. That is an oddly special thing for a part of an alien race (or the interstellar human race) to know. It reinforces the idea that the Disciples were initially just like the people of Sanctum. Though Orlando did not go into too much detail, he did state that the”Shepherd of all Mankind” delivered their society to Bardo and saved them by the flame that consumed the Earth. We are going to move ahead and assume that was a reference to this first Praimfaya, aka Apocalypse One.

    The 100 Season 7

    The Disciples seem like quite a devout civilization, maybe even spiritual. Orlando said Shepherd’s Law Number Four, which decrees”the day of rest” is where everybody abstains from work to be more efficient the remainder of the week. Sounds a lot right? And because Orlando chose to not rest, he had been sentenced on Penance, which enables you to understand how these laws have been treated to 10 years. We also know that they have some sort of level system inside their culture which contrasts with the symbols. Orlando was a Level 12, that is among the highest levels attainable, based on Hope.

    We all know the Disciples are advance according to their technician. Have they exploited the ability of the Anomaly to create wormholes that allow them to planet-hop are outside futuristic? They operate based on thought and let whoever wears them to become invisible. This makes tech such as the thoughts and Flame pushes look like kid stuff!

    Fans agree and are certain their theories about Cadogan playing a part in the last season are correct. 1 fan tweeted, “The more they talk about’level 12′ and’The Sheppard’ the more I’m convinced it is Cadogan or somehow related to him. #The100,” while another wrote, “Bill Cadogan is the Founder of the Second Dawn. The Second Dawn’s folks are his Disciples. The Second Morning says we will rise’. The Phoenix rises from the ashes. The Phoenix is the emblem of Bardo. The Folks of Bardo are Disciples. Everything connects.” One fan tweeted, “What if the’master’ is a computer application. Cadogan could be alive this way. Sanctum comes with a storyline with people in others’ bodies. So on Bardo, the guy who rescued them is worshiped by them. He probably owned a mind drive from Becca when she made it”

    The 100 Season 7

    A viewer opined, “Just saw someone point out Orlando is Level 12 such as Cadogan or however you spell his name is the same amount you will need to get into his degree for the bunker,” while you tweeted, “Orlando is a level 12 Disciple Just those who had the 12th seal entered the 2nd Dawn Bunker The Sheppard saved them by the fire which consumed the Earth Guys… It’s Cadogan!!” However, some fans are unsure how Cadogan would have left it on to Bardo viewing as he might have been the one to burn Becca Franco (Erica Cerra) after she landed on Earth after the very first Praimfaya. A fan tweeted, “I have a new concept… We will never see Cadogan in our existing #The100 timeline. I believe he will only be at the backend pilot episode although I understand people hope him due to time dilation or whatever. I think he’s being saved because of the prequel’s main antagonist.”


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