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    The 100 Season 8: Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Many More Details

    For some time now, there were speculations that the planet is going to finish shortly. At least, I have heard this”the entire world is at the brink of an Apocalypse” for as long as I’ve been alive! But what if it occurs? Do not worry; you don’t need to strain your cells too much! “The 100 Season 8” will take you right where you would like to be!

    Since the first time came out considering it is time for their year, it hasn’t been long. Six decades, eight seasons. Well, that is a ratio we can live with! Produced by manufacturing giants”The CW” and”Warner Bros,” this string has received an immense amount of fan support over the years. But fans will always be fans! The season finale for Season 7 has not even released yet, and there are rumors regarding the show’s potential!

    Well, we’ll be clearing out those rumors for you. Continue reading!

    Release Date

    CW manager Mark Pedowitz pointed out the seventh installment could be possible. And that, he still had a lot of ideas to learn.

    In 36 days, these ideas come to life, first May 2020. This previous season just has 16 episodes, a total of 100 (quite striking, is not it?) Episode counts. Official headlines are given for every case, the first one being known as”From the Ashes.”

    The 100 Season 8


    As of now, no updates are available on the change of cast.

    • Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
    • Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
    • Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake
    • Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes
    • ┬áPaige Turco as Dr Abigail Griffin
    • Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane


    After 97 decades of the strike, the narrative unfolds. In the expectation of detecting whether or not the Earth is still habitable, a spacecraft is sent. There are 100 youth prisoners within the country. There are 100.

    There has been no summary of the new season. However, Jason Rothenberg, writer of The 100, made apparent that time travel wouldn’t be feasible. And after the first time, the 7th year will pick up. Ideally, at the fourth volume, The 100: Rebellion of Kass Morgan, buffs finish up. Clarke and Bellamy tie the knot, and they’re a couple.


    There is still no preview, so keep up-to-date frequently!


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