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    The 14-strong, three-wheeler lineup of Bajaj Auto goes to BS VI

    The three-wheeler selection Bajaj RE, Maxima and Maxima Cargo has received the BS-VI diagnosis.

    Bajaj Auto has released 14 BS VI-compliant products through three-wheeler brands including RE, Maxima and Maxima Cargo. So, this is the broadest collection of commercial three-wheelers with BS-VI technology now available.

    According to Samardeep Subandh:

    Joint president–Bajaj Auto IBU. So, the launch of these models completes ahead of time. The transformation of our entire line of goods to BS-VI emissions levels.

    Our world-class R&D team has enhanced our products when working. With BS-VI requirements so that consumers get outstanding value for money. We are optimistic about the latest BS-VI goods. The RE and Maxima series will further improve our market leadership position.

    The RE brand currently comes with a 236cc engine. With Fuel Injection (FI) technology across three fuel options (CNG, LPG, and Petrol). The same engine was re-configured to meet BS-VI emission requirements in the Maxima series. Which continues to offer reliable power which pick-up.

    The diesel range follows strict BS-VI requirements. By exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology across the RE and Maxima brands. So, it employs a catalytic converter for the same 470cc diesel motor.

    Bajaj Auto also says it has expanded its free service offer to three inclusive of labor. Filter and oil change across the network.

    Bajaj Auto delivered 346,557 three-wheelers in the first 11 months of FY2020. Down 3.79 percent year-on-year (April 2019-February 2020: 360,201). So, that is actually giving it an industry-leading market share of 56.91 percent.

    Piaggio Vehicles with 145,154 units(-6.38 percent) is the No. 2 competitor with a market share of 23.84 percent. So, with the other six OEMs holding single-digit or even fewer shares.

    The overall three-wheeler market. Which has 8 players, sold a total of 608,959 units year-on-year, down 4.06 percent.

    Bajaj Auto launched 14 BS 6 compliant goods through the brands RE, Maxima and Maxima Cargo. This is the largest collection of now available commercial 3 wheelers in BS 6 technology. For the entire 3 Wheeler series. Bajaj Auto has migrated to BS 6 edition. While maintaining its durability and performance.


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