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    The 2020 Hennessey Venom F5: Production Model Coming Soon !!!

    The world was in awe when Hennessey came up with Venom F5. The car was brought upon the stage at Quail in Monterey and SEMA as well. Moreover, John Hennessey announced that they should be targeting the top speed of 311 miles per hour. And this is what the hypercar is at design for. Initially, it was going to be just promising for production and the top speed run, but time saw the company revealing more on the Venom F5.

    In one of the recent interviews, Hennessey came up with the show saying that Venom doesn’t belong to an electric future. It shall remain old school. He is pretty sure that people still believe in making their cars faster by using internal combustion engines. This shall be the best for Texas-based tuners mostly, going for an old school in a prominent electric future.

    He then went on to declare some important dates. The production shall begin in June, with August at Pebble Beach, revealing it to the customers. And then, they shall go for the testings of a top run and production-spec version. This is a lot for people who are already in the mood with a 1.6 million dollar slip for the hypercar, especially the 24 men. And here we are at the lookout for them. Still, these are not actual dates as the future is undecided for F5 development.

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    Furious Mad
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