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    The Art of Laps – What Verstappen and Hamilton may Think to Go Wrong !!!

    The major work is to find the grip levels, especially in the wet season. Thus, it is significant for the F1 drivers- the laps to the grid. We also saw Verstappen finding the hard way ahead of Hungarian Grand Prix- because of the low grip levels. And then, we find him crashing half an hour before the game and sending him to take the P2 behind Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton, too, went to say about his 8 s outstanding gap, and how the first five laps taught him the crucial limits od the track. And it was a new knowledge, which made the difference possible as well.

    Hamilton explains that the early laps are very slippery to the grid, and this taught well for the gauge. And as the laps went on, they became drier. And this brings forward the risks of going over the limits shown to self in the early laps. They are just staking as well. He considers the F1, not a race, and it is a marathon. And he believes to be in caution, and not giving all at once.

    Also, sometimes you may pull off one lap easily, while at others you find it sleeping or comfortable to drive on. Hamilton was aware of the grips outside, and he knew of the new traffic. And the earlier wet field made him experience the soft early bird as well.

    While Verstappen did say, he went on looking around in the first lap. Still, he was not in luck.

    Look more with us to get the experiences from F1 tracks.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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