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The Batman Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot And Upcoming Movie

Andy Serkis, who plays Alfred Pennyworth in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, The Batman, has confirmed the movie will probably be embracing a much darker tone in contrast to previous Batman films.

When requested by LAD Bible, if fans could expect a darker, grittier and broodier version of the character and his story, Serkis – famous for his portrayal as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy – replied: “I’d say that is not far from the truth.”

Despite the abundance of villains available in Batman’s rogue gallery, Serkis clarified how The Batman primarily investigates the psychological connection between his character, Alfred, and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. According to him, their relationship is the center of the movie’s narrative, noting that Reeves had written an”exquisite” script.

Acknowledging the extended history of Alfred Pennyworth on screens, Serkis praised those who portrayed the character before him, specifically, Michael Caine’s version, which he calls”legendary.” Likening the function to enjoying an iconic figure in William Shakespeare’s plays, Serkis emphasized how actors have to reevaluate the characters to “make it your own,” whether they are playing a villain or hero. This procedure allows them to find out what is all about the character that connects on a level with them.

Production for The Batman was interrupted due to this coronavirus pandemic, together with shooting been closed down forever. The film has been pushed back into a release in October 2021.


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