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    The Blacklist Season 8 : Release Date, Storyline And Other Updates!!!

    Here is everything we know about The Blacklist season 8. Made by Jon Bokenkamp, the series follows a notorious criminal who helps the FBI track down global baddies. Later on, Red’s FBI collaborator Liz Keen (Megan Boone) learns that her nanny is the above Katarina, which becomes the primary conflict throughout The Blacklist period.

    Due to COVID-19, production was stopped for the NBC series, but personality animation was used to complete The Blacklist season 7 finale on NBC. Meanwhile, Red and Liz track down Russian blacklisters (the Kazanjian brothers) and learn about their professional loyalties in the procedure. Unfortunately for Red, he is suffering from some type of health issue but has decided to deliver his empire to Liz.

    NBC officially green The Blacklist year 8 in February 2020, roughly midway through season 7. Assuming that the manufacturing format stays the same, fans can expect 22 new episodes for The Blacklist period 8. Showrunner John Eisendrath lately clarified the show as a graphic novel, but it’s uncertain whether cartoon will be a part of future episodes.

    Release Date

    The Blacklist’s release schedule was predictable thus far, as new incidents align with the traditional network season. So – until the COVID-19 pandemic – it was safe to suppose The Blacklist year 8 would theoretically premiere during the past week of September 2020. But because production was delayed, it’s difficult to pinpoint when filming will commence, or the way NBC will manage scheduling moving ahead. But we could predict that The Blacklist year 8 will return in either late 2020 or ancient 2021.


    Based on the song that closes out The Blacklist season 7, “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones, life will seemingly become even harder for Red in The Blacklist period 8. As a result of his declining health, Red will have to re-think his heritage plan and reassess his underworld empire. As of now, the future is dependent upon Liz, and what she decides to do with her electricity at The Blacklist season 8.


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