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    The Circle Season 2 :- What Will Be The Cast? And What’s The New Update? With Expected Release Date

    The first season of this Circle US has been renewed for a second and third season by Netflix. The renewal was done on March 24, 2020.

    The reality competition show which is mostly driven by social media has a lot of entertainment value and has become a success. The first season finished two weeks later on January 15 and aired on Netflix on January 1, 2020. Joey Sasso was declared the winner and Shubham Goel was the runner-up while Sammie Cimarelli won the Fan Favorite award.

    The US version was made following the success of the British version which first aired in 2018 and is running for 2 seasons. The US version is set to have a second season. The show has a completely different format than other reality shows as the contestants do not know, meet or see each other until the finale and are supposed to rate each other.

    Who are in the Cast?

    The casting for season two was started the same day as the announcement of renewal. The list of cast members will be expected to be announced soon.

    Release Date?

    There is no official release date announced yet. On the other hand, the season is anticipated to release in early 2021.


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