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The Comfy 2020 Mercedes GLS

This is the time for a luxurious and comfortable SUV? Here is the solution for all your queries regarding EV Models. The Mercedes Benz has also been the most SUV promoting company.

Mercedes decides to launch the comfortable luxury SUVs – the GLS and the GLE versions. The Mercedes GLS ranges the top of them.

The GLS comes with the excellent characteristics of Electronic Active Body Control, e- ABC. This feature enables the ability to lift either of its four corners by an additional 60mm when instructed. The best thing is that it gives the mammoth the ability to dance.

GLS equips the 48 V electronic system, which copes up with the individually controlled air-springs, which may make several damping changes and alter the rides at all four wheels. This active suspension differs from the regular air suspension in their response time; the regulars can’t be as quick as these.

GLS comes with a much-fabled magic carpet ride of the new S-Class and a set of radars and cameras to scan the surface of the road ahead and make constant damping changes to the suspension to be prepared and cope with an upcoming dip, bump.

The well-developed sensors fetch you the awesome rides. The sensors help the GLS surpass the S-Class and bring this surface-scanning capability to mild off-road trails as well.

The shift in the driving modes indulged with automated sensors provides you the best rides. The automatic transmission of the driving modes aids the comfort in unadaptable roadways.

The cool animations on the large infotainment screen also show you the movement of each wheel.

With all the new automated technologies, the GLS are powered with the 3.0l inline-six petrol and diesel engines available in the GLS 450 and 400d guises, which respectively replace the current V6 powered GLS 400 and 350d with higher output and cleaner emissions.

The Mercedes GLS has the Exact Same engine as the S350d but runs at a High state of tune, feeding 330PS and 700Nm to the 9-speed gearbox. It has a reasonably strong pull from the word go and does its city and highway duties exceptionally generously.

The GLS comes in six and 7-seater configurations, and the latter is likely to be the option for India.


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