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The development of Polestar 2 starts in China as a carmaker shuts down around the world

When the coronavirus pandemic is over. The car industry (and not only) is expected to find itself at the bottom of depression that it never had to face before.

Currently, most auto plants across the world shut down. And even though some car makers have started manufacturing masks and other products needed to combat the epidemic. So, there would certainly be significant financial implications to deal with.

In China, where the virus was first identified, conditions appear to have calmed down, and people and businesses are going back to their everyday lives. Some, like Polestar, has also gone a step further:

The development of Polestar’s newest car has begun, a strong indication that this can be resolved.

The Polestar 2 electric fastback, first seen at the beginning of 2019. It will be rolling off production lines this week in Luqiao, China, to launch delivery in Europe, China. And finally North America in the summer of this year.

The planet is facing a massive upheaval in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, “said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

Under these difficult conditions, we are now beginning production with a firm emphasis on the health and welfare of our employees. It is a tremendous success and a product of the immense contributions of the factory workers. And the supply chain health department.

With a huge amount of respect for the team- thanks to them.

Considered by the industry as a significant competitor to Tesla’s Model 3, Polestar 2 fitted for the first year of development with a battery pack of 78 kWh (470 km/292 miles) and electric motors capable of producing 408 hp. Many improvements expected after the first year of service.

Polestar 2 is available in the U.S. beginning at $63,000. This is currently distributed in ten countries, but more will come in the years ahead.

Many improvements expected after the first year of service.


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