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The Roadster battle: Porsche Boxster T vs BMW Z4 M40i: The new ones

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This time, it is different than what we have claimed to see a dozen times. Yes, really!!!
Boxster vs BMW is what we have seen much but never found BMW on the victorious side. There Porsche had dominated the market and the cards since 1996 when it was brought on to the market and BMW nowhere near to overturn the leaves till now.
Though this time, there are some new gusts with the Z4, both cars giving a difference than their predecessors. The Boxster seems to be down as its glorious six has been swapped by four cylinders, which though nicer on paper is negligible more fuel-efficient.
The Z4, still standing with all its might as before – with its straight-six engines powering the wheels at the back. It seems to be a Toyota Supra in a new form boosting up the BMW.
That’s 1-0.
The differences in power feel much more significant in reality, too. The Z4 is a beast, fast car, with its engine and the Boxster cannot hide its turbo lag here.
Porsche claims the next generation to be fully electric and hence this change for a makeover, it seems.
The BMW seems still at a loss due to its heavy steering and short which may be mishandled during an event match. Porsches gearbox is a joy to handle while the BMW is the best sports in itself till now. And next time the Porsche us sure to see on the performance than the just fuel efficiency. Z4 is really good at efficiency at the Top Gear and we need not think a slice about it.
The BMW is all modern at its interior, all computer types inside while the Porsche has the old analog too, no less.
One is lightweight, has all the fun and focus while the other is a soft cream and chubbier. Though Porsche used to offer both the things but the two bee cylinders, that’s where the cards tumble for Porsche.

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