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    Top Luxury Cars in the USA

    Luxury is what every one desires. But luxury cars are the one not every one can afford. Not anymore! We are here with the list of 10 luxury cars which people can afford from different walks of life. So lets directly get on with it.

    1. Mercedes-Benz E400

    Mercedes-Benz E400

    The Mercedes Benz E400 gets a powerful 3.0 L V-6 petrol engine generating great power. It has a well equipped exterior and cabin. Watching the roof lower down on its own on hitting the unlock button gives us the experience of a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. When it comes to interiors, the customers can awe at the fit and finish of the Mercedes. Complete with the options of multi-color customization and a comfortable on seat experience, it rightly meets the demands of the luxurious class.

    2. Jaguar F-type

    Jaguar F-type

    A competitor even to its predecessors, the jaguar F-Type is a treat to the eye. The four-cylinder is almost comparable to the Corvette C8 and Toyota Supra, while the V-8 powered can take on the likes of Porsche 911. Considered as one of the least expensive luxury cars out there, it comes in the price range of $62,625. One of the most profound changes in the 2020 version is ‘more power, less noise’.

    3. Porsche Panamera

    Porsche Panamera

    What makes the Panamera truly stand out in the super luxury car class is its handling. The Panamera has a spacious and finely trimmed cabin and loads of cargo space. You can sit comfortably and relax as it absorbs  rough pavement easily. Its engine power ranges from a potent 330 horsepower to a brutish 677, needlessly said to be really fast. Prices can start from $87,200.

    4. Cadillac Escalade

    Cadillac Escalade

    Boasting a high power engine and a high cargo and passenger capacity, the Cadillac Escalade is American made luxury SUV. Packing a horsepower of 420, though a strong engine has many significant weak features. Most of its classmates have a gentler ride capacity. Yet it a SUV that one can go for when one is a power focused person when it comes to the performance of a car.

    5. BMW 750i XDrive

    BMW 750i XDrive

    Coming with a splendid cabin with a comfortable riding experience, the BMW 750i XDrive strikes a balance between luxurious indulgencies and driver enjoyment. The new 2020 version includes substantial exterior styling changes and infotainment system upgrades, along with a boost in the horsepower. It has pricings ranging from $86,450 to $157,700.

    6.  Lincoln Navigator

    Lincoln Navigator

    With a strong engine, a relaxed riding experience, lavish, roomy cabin and a tremendous cargo space, Navigator is all a luxurious SUV can be. One backdrop can be attributed to the dull infotainment graphics. And the new 2020 lineup comes with more standard safety safety features and a simplified trim. Although it lacks a V-8 engine, its twin-turbocharged V-6 is enough for a powerful ride.

    7. Chrysler 300

    Chrysler 300

    A big car for folks who want a car that looks great after years, is smooth and with a strong V-8 enigine. Despite first being launched in 2005, it has managed to keep up among the top-listers with great and minor upgrades even in 2020. For the newest version, a Red S Appearance and a unique badging are the update features. Pricing starts from $31,085.

    8. Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

    There was time when jeeps were considered to be made for off-roaders. It is no longer the case, as the word ‘Jeep’ is as synonymous with luxury as it is with all-trail worthiness. Combining strength with luxury, the Grand Cherokee Summit breaks the myth about Jeep. With a price of $50,000, it is one of the most affordable ones in the list.

    9. Lincoln MKZ

    Lincoln MKZ

    With timeless and classy design, it can be go to car without the German logo. The MKZ has become one of the most popular luxury cars in the U.S.A. It has a larger trunk than most of its rivals. The engine feels a bit powerless but that didn’t stop it from becoming a favorite among the Americans mostly because of its in house production. It comes in the range $36,750 – $44,500.

    10. Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S

    The Model S was one of Tesla’s first all-electric launches and the best thing is that it is packed with a 100kWh battery that manages to cover 393-mile range in just one charge. While there have been complaints about the car’s controls, most of the customers are happy with their car. With a 518hp output, the Tesla Model S is powerful and gives a feeling of being in an electric race car, although being cheap.

    Hope you can now select the luxury you want and in the price range you want!


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