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    Track-only version of Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R unveiled

    Kawasaki recently introduced a track-only variant of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R. A motorcycle that has attracted popularity even in regular form around the world.

    This race-ready supersport uses a large amount of carbon fiber fairing and other modified parts to make it much more track-focused, and understandably. So, because it will be used to compete in a one-made series in Japan in 2021.

    The biggest improvement is in the way of using lightweight carbon fiber, it’s all over. This consists of the entire fairing and external sections. Such as the frame and swingarm, also coated in what seems to a carbon-fiber-like decal.

    Since it is a track-only vehicle. It has done away with ‘unnecessary’ components that add weight. Such as headlight and rear fender.

    This ZX-25R also uses both ends and Dunlop race-spec tires for a sportier Showa suspension configuration. For a side-mounted free-flowing aftermarket package. The bike has also ditched its underbelly exhaust system.

    Other modifications for the front brake caliper include rear seats, crash protection, and a carbon-fiber cooling duct.

    Kawasaki hasn’t announced the details. However, considering the engine it is fitted with, we expect very impressive figures. We are still waiting for official estimates. But a recent video of the bike driven on the track shows that it moving up to the 17,000rpm mark. Indicating outstanding performance from the 249cc, four-cylinder inline engine.

    Kawasaki Released a Ninja ZX-25R Carbon Fiber Track version

    The name is Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Racer Standard and the bike comes as a track-only edition. The carbon fiber frame made for the Japanese one-make racing series to race.

    The Ninja ZX-25R underwent therapy with carbon fiber. Constructed of carbon fiber and designed by A-Tech, the fairings, frame, tank, airbox, subframe, seat assembly, and swingarm covers are. The road bike has Dunlop tires and fitted with an exhaust system by Beet Japan.


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