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    Trivia About Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar !!!

    The renowned Disney creation, Aladdin, has eventually announced its renewal for another part. The first part has already created magic with its excellent concept and creativity. The flavor of comedy, adventure, and action in the movie makes it a great treat for our eyes. Additionally, these qualities of the first part make the movie fans, and other audiences of the movie expect another part of the movie to know what happened next. The following article would give us a sneak peek into the trivia about the movie and its upcoming sequel.


    Guy Ritchie has given life to a super hit remake of the live-action Disney movie Aladdin. There are two primary reasons behind the renewal. Firstly, this movie has super talented lead roles which brought the characters into life. These include Mena Massoud in the role of a smart and active street rat Aladdin, Naomi Scott in the role of sweet and beautiful Jasmine, and Will Smith in the role of notorious, gigantic, handsome magical Genie. This is Aladdin’s story, who finds Genie from the cave and, with his help, wins the Princess.

    Secondly, the story in part one has left an opportunity to continue the plot further. Hence, the sequel is expected to tie a loose tie with its previous part and then jump into the continued plot.


    The return of JAFAR is expected to be the main theme of the sequel. This is why the name of the sequel is also ‘Aladdin: The return of Jafar.’ The story would bring about action and adventure in advanced levels and our great hero’s face-offs and the witty villain. It would also exhibit further happenings in the love story of our hero and Princess Jasmine. Will Jasmine become the Sultana, or Aladdin would marry her and become the ruler of her kingdom? Will Jafar gain victory over Aladdin? Does Jafar intend to marry Princess? The quest for these questions would be continued in the sequel.

    However, the release dates and other announcements are not out yet.


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