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    TVS in merger talks with Norton Motorcycles-Article

    TVS, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, is in talks with Norton Bikes, the legendary British bike company, to acquire it, as per a recent Bloomberg report.

    Established as a maker of “fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade” in 1898, Norton Bikes. Which made the first bike in 1902, in the past had different owners. The last owner was the developer Stuart Garner, who in 2008 purchased the company. So, Norton Motorcycles made such bikes as the Commando and Dominator under his umbrella.

    In January 2020, the British company went into administration. Because it refused to pay a significant volume of cash. At the moment BDO Global manages the company’s liquidation. The U.K. Pensions Regulator is investigating CEO of Norton Bikes Stuart Garner on actions taken. While he was a director of three pension funds that invested in the firm.

    TVS, headquartered in Chennai. It is one of the firms that showed interest in the procurement of Norton Motorcycles. TVS has contacted the authorities concerned for a future contract. But nothing has yet been concluded.

    Norton Motorcycles have been available in India through Motoroyale. This is Kinetic’s multi-brand superbike initiative. So, the motorcycle also trades with MV Mondial, Agusta, SWM, Hyosung, and FB.

    The flagship model of TVS is the Apache RR 310. So, a part of the joint partnership between TVS-BMW Motorrad. Buying Norton Bikes will open TVS doors for luxury mid-capacity bikes to join. This year, TVS has seen a 40 percent decrease in its stock. And a market cap of around USD 1.7 billion.

    TVS was at the forefront of showcasing some of the most practical concept bikes and scooters at any Auto Expo installment. So, starting from the Draken to the Akula to the iQube now.

    Currently, the flagship model of TVS is Apache RR 310. So, a member of the joint venture between TVS-BMW Motorrad.


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