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Two Electric SUV from Renault by 2022

The corona crisis has taken over the automobile industry with many losses. But there are still hopes for everyone. We have begun to get some great news. This one is from Renault. We already know about one of the SUV launchings in electricity. But now, it seems we are also expecting another. According to some leading industry officials, Renault is trying to approach the trobling matters. Renault is planning more EVs to its range, more concentrating on the crossover and SUV. Thus, we find lesser sedans and hatchbacks in the future. Though there are no sudden launching events for such models. But still, we may have set them for 2022.

The new models may be under the firm’s new CMF- EV platform. According to sources, this is more scalable in terms of width and length. Along with this, they may only cater for compact and mid-size vehicles. Another confirmed source states that the senior vice president of the EV program of Renault, Gilles Normand confirmed that both the models will be high riders. Despite this confirmation, they may be also going fr the superior aero properties compared to other similar vehicles. he says that they are sensitive to the drag, and also the air efficiency of the car and around it. With the new look, they are going to target the 400-mile ride for their drivers.

Talking of the upcoming Dacia Spring, he went on to say that there was the room below Zoe. But the expectations above it. People believe it to be more safe and enjoyable. They also support more trips. Coming to the models, it will be of the same size as the Kadjar, the plug-in hybrid one. But we still have no words for the second one. It may not be of the size similar to before. Automakers seldom go for redundant designs again. By 2020, Renault wants to have eight in the ranges for EVs. And most of them in Small. So, better it is for the public. This second electric crossover will slot in between the Dacia Spring and the aforementioned future Kadjar-sized model.


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