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    Venom 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything You Know

    Venom is considered as one of the most mighty villains in the Spider-Man universe by introducing Venom as a personality, but the dice rolled. Venom’s very first installment shows they are seeking to do it and that Venom isn’t the kind of man that fitted the antagonist’s character.

    Sony and Marvel confirmed the sequel of Venom: Let there Be Carnage, so the title itself signaled as Antagonist for a Possible look of Carnage.

    Venom 2 Release Date

    The sequel to hit on Tom hardy’s venom was first scheduled to be published at October 2020 but was postponed after the coronavirus hit on the world the film will come out on June 25, 2021.

    Venom 2 Cast

    The movie will cast tom hardy as Eddie brook alongside woody Harrelson, Naomi Harris, Reid Scott, and Michelle Williams.

    The cast and their character are as follows:

    1. Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady: he will play as a psychotic killer and the host of CarnageCarnage.
    2. Michelle Williams, as Anne Weying: as the district attorney and the female venom for a short period in the first move.
    3. Naomie Harris as Shriek: a mutant and love interest of Kasady.
    4. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock: the venom

    Venom 2 Plot

    Because he’s the antagonist in the movie, the narrative will follow Carnage. Venom will be confronting against the CarnageCarnage. The story of the film remains unknown, but we do understand that it may follow the arc of the comic book maximum carnage. The narrative will feature Shriek because of the love interest of Carnage’s Carnage and the secondary villain.

    The movie most likely brings symbiote into the scene. As in the comic, there were offerings of CarnageCarnage.

    The Future of The Franchise

    Sony has rights to a number of the Marvel characters to spiderman. For more, saga fans have been asking Following the infinity’s conclusion. This might be an excellent opportunity for Sony to make their universe with superman in its centre.

    Sony plans to release Morbius, starring Jared Leto. This movie could potentially tie in with the famous and larger Marvel universe with the addition of the Spiderman of Tom holland.


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