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    Volkswagen Arteon ‘Shooting Brake’ spotted again before 24 June global launch

    First things first. WHAT IS A SHOOTING BRAKE? Volkswagen has been spotted testing its Arteon Shooting Brake out in the open, with no cover, so what is this shooting brake variant?

    A shooting brake is a traditional term for a coupe with a rear hatch, and since the German automakers are happy to anything with curved roofline, coupe, they’re more than happy to attach the shooting brake term as well.

    Volkswagen Arteon is the most anticipated car of the company. The company will officially launch the new segment globally on June 24. The model is expected to V6 turbocharged vehicles. It will be an all-wheel-drive car, with a power expected to be near 400 horsepower. Standard Arteons should continue with front-wheel drive and 4-cylinder power.

    The company had announced the new segment to be fitted with the latest infotainment features, known as ‘Travel assist’. The technology will assist the driver by taking over the acceleration, braking, and steering at highway speeds. But it won’t drive the vehicle completely on its own. It will use radars, cameras, and a few more gears to remove the burden of the driver, at least a little bit, off the driver, for long distances.

    The launch will start the use of new updated grille and headlight design by the company. We also expect the same front design to be used in the upcoming VW Golf facelifts and many other announced vehicles.


    Rishabh Chugh
    Rishabh Chugh
    An automobile engineer by profession, writer by heart.


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