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    VW Group – Is Ready To Investment 16 EV Production, More Than $24 Billion

    more information about the strategy calls”Roadmap E.”

    Volkswagen is currently taking its initiative that is own green . In VW Group’s annual media conference at Berlin, Germany, CEO Matthias Muller rolled out much more information about the strategy he calls”Roadmap E.” The continuing initiative will visit 16 websites around the globe eventually become home to battery-powered vehicle production before the end of 2022 — a substantial leap from the only 3 centers at which VW Group’s electrical vehicles are now being assembled.

    volkswagen I.D vision

    “Things are actually moving,” said Muller. “A change of route for the Volkswagen supertanker — full speed ahead into the future!” The 16 yet-to-be-named manufacturing websites will be online by 2022, together with the present few websites seeing a substantial bulge up to nine centers in only two decades.

    Another facet of VW’s”Roadmap E” program will see partnerships with battery producers in both China and Europe from the continuing evolution of its electrical I.D. assortment of automobiles, a contract which charges a whopping $20 billion ($24 billion) total. The firm has yet to choose a provider for North America.

    In the Geneva Motor Show, VW Group introduced three new electrical theories, including the Audi e-Tron, the Porsche Mission E Cross, and also the I.D. Vizzion — the latter being the newest addition to this developing I.D. range. Starting in 2019, Muller claimed that there’ll be a brand new electric car” virtually every month. This is the way we intend to supply the largest fleet of electric vehicles on the planet, across all regions and brands, in only a couple of decades ago”

    Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

    But do not believe the firm has given up on petrol and diesel engines only. VW will be investing almost $20 billion to its original automobile portfolio in 2018, with a strategy to spend over $90 billion ($111 billion) to the exact same fund during the next five decades. Even during the Dieselgate scandal, Muller believes that”gas will see a renaissance from the not-too-distant future”

    Audi e-Tron prototype

    “We’re making huge investments in the freedom of tomorrow but without failing current vehicles and technologies which can continue to play an essential part for decades ahead,” explained Müller.


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