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Watchman Season 2 RElease Date, Cast, Plot And Current Update

Even though HBO would love another season of Watchmen, founder Damon Lindelof told me that while he’s not currently cooking up a continuation, he is completely open to the chance of somebody else taking a crack at Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ DC comic book.

“I never wanna t shut the door entirely because if two, three season from today I say, I just had another thought, it is going to be that much more difficult to open. But I would say it ajar. I think that there aren’t any current plans to create any more Watchmen. If the thought comes, I’d be enthusiastic about it. The thought may not come from me. I’d be super excited about it coming from someone else. So my position has not changed,” Lindelof told Deadline tonight in the WGAW Awards.

Watchmen was charged as a one-off series, but its success has prompted talk about a follow up recently.

“It is really up to Damon now, he is considering what he wishes to do,” HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys informed Deadline in TCA back January about if there could be another season or not. “Really, I really don’t know at this point whether it is a returning drama series or a limited series. I believe one of the things Damon did brilliantly was, and he opened this whole world. So perhaps there’s another variant with a completely new set of characters. I really don’t know because Damon doesn’t know, and I am carrying his lead on this.”

Bloys added, If it’s a season 2- great, if it’s a new take on the world – great, if it’s something else completely, I am only going take his guide.”


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