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    We Are Here Is Officially Renewed For Season 2, Release Date And Other Updates

    This latest reality show recently premiered on HBO. It turned out to so great that many critics have deemed it a must-watch TV reality show. We are featuring former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela was announced by HBO in November 2019. The six-part first season premiered on 23 April 2020. It was an instant success for those who have already watched it, and it has been renewed for Season 2 on

    While announcing this series, HBO EVP of Programming Nina Rosenstein said, “Drag is about confidence and self-expression. We are so thrilled to showcase the transformative power of the art form with our audience.” The first show premiered on April 23. This series follows Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela as they travel across the United States hunting for the small town Drag stars. Then they participate in one night only contests.

    It was one of the few shows which battled COVID pandemic to be on the screen in time. The production work of Episode 6 was affected by the pandemic. But this show took it as an opportunity to show the impact of Pandemic on the Transgender community in the last episode titled Spartanburg, and We make it work. This shows again how good is this show. It also signals that the next episode will be less likely to get affected by the ongoing pandemic.

    On, 23 April Nina Rosenstein, executive vice president of HBO Programming revealed that the serial has been renewed for Season 2.

    “We’re Here resonates in ways we had hoped for but couldn’t really have Anticipated.”

    “The stories of our small-town drag daughters created an incredibly positive communal experience. We can’t wait for Bob, Shangela and Eureka to continue their journey helping others find their voice.”

    No further announcement has been made so far. Hopefully, show creators will return soon to travel across more small towns and continue to empower more people. There is no way that it will release by the end of this year, we can expect it to release early in the next year.

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