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    What A Game Is This God Of War 5?

    Spanish God of War Twitter page shows blades of insanity and a customized layout for its PlayStation 5.

    Since its release in 2018, enthusiasts are raving over the most recent installment into the God of War collection. Though its sequel wasn’t revealed in the PlayStation 5 occasion before this season, fans are still anticipating the series to reunite on the PS5. Despite this series continuing on the PlayStation 5, one Spanish God of War fan-page has produced a custom made the layout of this console, with distinctive designs in the franchise.

    Several other games have experienced new console layouts released together with the introduction of this sport, for example, The Last of Us two ‘s unique PlayStation 4. This custom made God of War layout will become a fact from Sony since it appears really striking and improves upon the PlayStation 5 version which was shown earlier this season. Unlike layouts that are official, this custom made thought comprises accessories for the screen, but also a dividing.


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