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    What Can a High-Performance Carburetor Do for Your Vehicle?

    If you want to unlock the full potential of your engine, you need to feed it the right fuel/air mixture, and that means upgrading the systems that bring you both of those things, as well as the exhaust setup that carries the fumes from spent fuel away. One way to do that when you run a classic vehicle is to upgrade to an aftermarket carburetor.

    More Precise Calibration, Faster Response

    The best 4 barrel carburetor on the market is going to be able to pull numbers for power and
    throttle response that are very, very close to premium EFI systems when it is properly calibrated. That means you can keep an older car competitive without retrofitting it with parts that weren’t around when it was built. Carburetors also simplify the fuel delivery system, avoiding the turbulence of EFI with a constant but adjustable fuel/air mixture. Aftermarket carburetors make these gains by advancing beyond the specs that were required by the OEM design. That might mean upgrading from a manual to an electronic choke, using materials that were not available when the car was designed, or increasing the jet size.

    Performance Gains With a Premium Carburetor

    A new carb does not add power to your vehicle’s potential, but it usually adds power to your real- world performance numbers. That’s because it can deliver the engine a more precisely calibrated mixture, faster than the original. Upgrading also gives you the chance to go bigger and deliver more fuel, but bigger is not always better. An engine can only use so much fuel, and that means there is a limit to how big you should go to get peak results for your investment. If you pick the right carb for your vehicle, you’ll notice your engine giving you a bit more power and a faster response time because it’s finally being fed enough to reach its full potential.

    Advantages of Carburetors vs. EFI

    Beyond preserving the vehicle’s original mechanical design, performance carburetors do have a few advantages over EFI. Since the gap between them is so small at the top end, these
    advantages often outweigh any gains made by a conversion. In the end, though, it’s up to you to decide on your best path forward when it comes to any upgrades, whether it’s a new fuel delivery system or upgraded drag slicks.

    • Better performance at high altitudes than many EFI systems
    • Inexpensive manufacture and design make unit replacement less expensive
    • Easily repairable and cheaper to maintain than EFI
    • Customization for different driving conditions or event demands is easier

    With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why many drivers opt for a carburetor upgrade over a full conversion.

    Set Yourself Up for Success

    If you’re going to get serious about customizing a vehicle, you need to have the support materials that make it easy to do the job. That means more than just tools, it also means investing in a technician’s manual and wiring diagram for the individual vehicles you work on. These items will show you where to go to connect new parts to the electrical system as well as how to remove and replace OEM parts. Order yours today so you can plot your upgrade path with confidence.


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