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    What Can STOP Mercedes This Weekend at British Grand Prix?

    It has been seventy years since the first Formula race took place in Silverstone. And it is going to be no less thrill here. Let’s have a look at what we might get it this time.

    Going for poles, Mercedes are occupying poles since 2013, and also, went for a second quicker than the rival team. This makes us understand its advantages, even more, this time. Silverstone is best with Hamilton, but the question arises with Valterri Bottas going with win wise and performance wise record-breaking performances in the past matches. Thus, we must be looking anxiously for the one at the poles among these two, in case Mercedes gores for poles.

    Looking at the recap of the past five years and the pole positions, we have

    1. 2019 – Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes
    2. 2018 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes
    3. 2017 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes
    4. 2016 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes
    5. 2015 – Lewis Hamilton from  Mercedes

    Till now, Mercedes have won three out of three races with no other driver looking like a threat to their record. So, we expect it to be a battle between Bottas and Lewis Hamilton for the win. Though, there will be still some talks of Bottas failing to convert last year’s pole position to succeed. We shall also see some records of the previous year win as well

    Gains in the previous five years:

    • 2019 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes
    • 2018 – Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari
    • 2017 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes
    • 2016 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes
    • 2015 – Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes

    Let’s look out for them this year as well.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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