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When Will ‘The Circle France’ Return to Netflix Series ?

In March 2020,’The Circle France’ joined the line-up of international versions of their popular eponymous British reality competition series. And like the US and the Brazilian edition, this one was well-received by the audiences. The show premise, which replaces physiological conversations with networking interactions via the Circle app, and its lively although bizarre contestants, captivated people around the world.

Since its completion, fans are anticipating an update on the renewal of the reality show. If you are a fan, you must be wondering: Will there be the Circle France’ period 2? If so, when does it release? Well, here is what we know.

The Circle France Season 2 Release Date

‘The Circle France’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on Thursday, April 9, 2020, on Netflix. It consists of 12 episodes with a runtime of 40-50 minutes each.

As far as season 2 is concerned, here is what we understand. ‘The Circle’ franchise has already established itself as among the reality competition series of times. And the very first season of’The Circle France’ was well-received by the audiences and critics to the honest and interesting personalities of the contestants. Therefore, it will be safe to presume that Netflix will renew the show for one more season. Whenever that occurs, we expect the Circle France’ season 2 to launch sometime in Fall 2021, on Netflix.

The Circle France Season 2 Cast: Host and Contestants

The mysterious host/narrator of the show will reprise his role. Season 2 may unmask the identity of the narrator if we’re lucky.

The contestants of year 1 are — Romain Ben, Catala Constance, Cédric Doumbe, Chico Paulo, Edmundo Fsc + Joao Fsc as friend Nelia, Gary Jarny, Éléa, Ines Camilia Tazi, Josette”Jo” Guérin + Monique as Nicholas, Lou Baudry, Rudy Doukhan as buddy Gabriel, and Maxime Merkouchenko as his wife, Valeria. Romain Ben from Paris received the highest ratings in the finale and appeared as the winner of year 1. Season 2 might feature an entirely new cast consisting of personalities who compete to win the grand prize, as it is a reality show.

What is The Circle France About?

The reality competition features nine contestants who are limited by interaction and are put in different rooms of the construction and therefore are permitted to communicate via a private networking app of the same name. The twist is that the participants can even hide their identity by using a sock-puppet account or portraying somebody else. Their goal is to excel in challenges and develop allies and relations to gain the highest ratings and eventually become the influencer. The top two influencers are given the power to block, i.e., remove a contestant by mutual arrangement.

The contestants will have to upgrade their profile images and statuses from time to time to stay busy in attaining their ultimate aim in the game, which may, in turn, help them. The participants also have access to chats. The show’s fascinating structure has often been touted as a mixture of ‘Big Brother’, ‘Catfish,’ and ‘Black Mirror’ (Nosedive). The contestant from the finale takes home and becomes the winner of a cash prize of $100,000, which equals to $110,000.

The Circle France Trailer

As we wait on’ The Circle France’ season 2 for an official update, check out the trailer for the season.


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