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    Will We See The Iconic Ambassador Make a Return On Indian Roads?

    Can the iconic Hindustan Ambassador be revived? The’s always a catch to start big debates with a question, hence this. The Indian roads were once ruled by the Ambassador or the white-coloured car, and we used to watch and were used for many Indian ministers. The shiny, white Ambassador had also worked up as a police patrol vehicle with the red siren on the top.

    Hindustan Motors was the first automotive manufacturer in India that laid its foundation in 1942, then the production of the iconic Ambassador began in 1958. It quickly became a national icon and continued to dominate Indian roads, till the 1980s, when Maruti 800 took birth and stole the spotlight. The dominating white sedan once had a sale of 24,000 units in the 1980s. The vehicle has known so far, started as a 1476 cc side-valve engine-powered sedan. The body was a fully enclosed monocoque chassis, which contributed to a spacious cabin.

    So, will we see the Ambassador running again on the Indian roads? The Hindustan motors sold India’s most iconic car to the French manufacturer Peugeot for a nominal $12m (£9.6m). The vehicle has been out of production since 2014. The years later, in 20216, the PSA group that bought the rights if the sedan, gave India hope of relaunching the icon but in electronic form. The French brand teased the return of the Ambassador in compact SUV or crossover. It’s yet unknown of the return, but still, fingers are crossed for the popular Ambassador sedan. I once had met with an accident with one of these, and I can’t ever forget. What are your views about the same???

    Rishabh Chugh
    Rishabh Chugh
    An automobile engineer by profession, writer by heart.


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