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    2018 compact Toyota SUV: 4×4 crossover launches the winter test.

    Toyota will launch a Yaris-based compact SUV for Europe. Featuring a full-wheel drive and electric powertrain, later this year. And so recent pictures show a prototype mule conducting cold-weather tests.

    The concept wears a bodyshell that is heavily based on the outgoing Yaris, but it will sit much higher than that model and sport a bespoke headlight style.

    The Japanese company says the new vehicle. As yet unidentified incorporates the firm’s “extensive small car expertise with its deep SUV tradition.”

    The vehicle was first revealed at the company showcase event in January. Before the designer unveiled a darkened image of the rear version of the SUV. As in the run-up to the expected unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

    Despite the cancelation of Geneva, the new compact SUV is scheduled to be unveiled at a special event later this year.

    It will use as the latest Yaris supermini.

    So, despite sharing several parts with the Yaris. The SUV is an entirely new concept, Toyota said. Toyota Europe Vice-President Matthew Harrison has promised that the vehicle would not be “. Just a Yaris with body cladding and lifted the suspension.” It will now be “an entirely new and distinctive B-SUV platform”.

    Sitting just behind the C-HR. It would be larger, wider and taller than the Yaris. With a longer wheelbase, providing an’ intelligent’ four-wheel drive feature and a decent off-road suspension, according to Toyota officials.

    Toyota believes that the car will help capitalize on the continuing success of small high-ride vehicles and estimate that it will make up almost 30% of its European selling value, along with the Yaris, by 2025. It will face strong competition from the brand-new Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, and Ford Puma.

    Toyota said that the name of the SUV, the production projections and the timing of its launch would be revealed at a future date. This will be installed next to the Yaris at the Toyota plant in Onnaing, France.


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